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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Caldwell Council Support Essay From Guardian Reader

The following was received by a Guardian reader who wishes to remain anonymous, (THE GUARDIAN does not endorse candidates but does provide a forum for discussion).

     "I believe it is time to open the windows in the Caldwell City Council Chambers and let some fresh air in.

     Over the past few elections we have had an interesting list of candidates show up for various reasons.  This year we have two incumbents and one open seat with at least two people running for each seat.  The good news this year is that we have three candidates, one running for each of the seats up for election that come highly qualified.  While they are not running together as a group (each one is running his own campaign independently).  Erik Makrush, David Clark and Rem Fox all represent successful backgrounds in their personal lives.  All three are in their early 40's and represent new generation of involvement ready and willing to step up to the plate.

     We need to be gracious and thankful for the efforts of all current incumbents who have served on the Caldwell City Council,  they have given us their best efforts.  However, I think we need to get behind our Mayor and bring some new younger people with fresh ideas and energy to the table in our city council. 

THE GUARDIAN  does not endorse candidates but does invite your comments to this post.


  1. I wonder if there's a way to see the public records on our candidates. Court records (say someone filed for bankruptcy or something) could be very telling. I'll have to figure that out before I cast my vote.

  2. There is indeed a way to check folks out. Here is the link the link will take you to the Idaho Repository of all criminal and civil records. Click on "NAMES" on the left side and start filling in the blanks requested. You do not have to have much more than a name and date of birth to figure out the right person. More than one person may have the same name but rarely the same DOB.

  3. If your question is in regard to Councilman Jim Blacker he managed to liquidate the family business and declared bankruptcy.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. As one wag has noted, Urban Renewal is nothing more than shifting tax dollars around. It’s still tax dollars disguised as Urban Renewal.

    Editor note: There was more to this comment based upon Idaho Repository research. Due to the numbers of people with the same name.


  6. Why was a commented deleted regarding the results that the Idaho repository returned? Is something being kept from us? You said so yourself, Paul, that many people have the same name yet rarely the same date of birth.

  7. Mr. Alldredge,
    You encourage the voters to search the Idaho Repository. This voter followed your advice and reported the findings in my comments. Your response was to edit my comment. Why? You state in an earlier comment, “More than one person may have the same name but rarely the same DOB.” The David B Clark, running for Caldwell City Council, was born in 1964. The Clark’s listed in the Repository have different DOB’s. Sir, one can conclude that by your editing my comments you are either one, protecting Clark, or two, afraid of libel/slander. The Repository is public record. DBC was born in 1964. This negates conclusion ‘two.’ Therefore, Mr. Alldredge, are protecting Clark and sublimely endorsing him.

  8. Why the uproar and desire to view the repository? The issues of Caldwell are not there. We need to focus on bettering Caldwell not tearing a person or persons down. Let's move on.
    Jeremy Feucht

  9. We are trusting these candidates our tax dollars, so yes, past history is a valid concern. I see that David Clark filed for bankruptcy. This shows a degree of financial irresponsibility that I do NOT want touching my tax dollars. If you can't handle your own money properly, why on earth would I put you in charge of mine? I realize that unexpected things happen, but being prepared is crucial to good leadership. Sorry, that fact has lost you my vote.

  10. A reader left a comment about Mr. Clark having a bankruptcy in his past. I know the circumstances surrounding this event in Mr. and Mrs. Clark's lives and it was due to medical issues and the death of an infant and medical bills that could not be resolved any other way given the magnitude of the medical debts.

    Vickie Holbrook, Managing Editor of the local paper is aware of the bankruptcy and the circumstances and if there was anything nefarious here the IPT would be all over it.

    I will say no more on this nor will I entertain posts regarding Mr. Clark's bankruptcy.


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