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Monday, October 23, 2017

Terry Reilly on Pennywise Site in Caldwell

It has been reported to The Guardian a brand new three story Terry Reilly Health Services Clinic will be built on the old Pennywise Drug Store property.  The property is located on the corner of Kimball and Cleveland Blvd. 

If you are wondering what it will look like there is a new Terry Reilly Clinic in Nampa on 1st South near the Nampa Burger King.  This is probably a good example of what will be built in Caldwell.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Ada Jail Costs Taxpayers $97/day

The Guardian has long maintained it costs property taxpayers about $100/day to keep someone in jail or prison when all the costs are added into running a jail or prison.  Ada County was recently awarded $1 million to figure out better ways to manage their jail costs.  Again, The Guardian has been a supporter of all alternatives to incarceration due to the costs to taxpayers.  Here's a link to the KTVB video on the money awarded to research better methods of running their jail.

The actual cost of incarceration in the Ada County Jail are mentioned about 2:58 into the video.  That cost is $97/day to Ada County property taxpayers. You will have to suffer through an advertisement on the front end of the video.  It is worth a look and listen listen to what is said. 

Jails and prisons are big ugly facilities taxpayers get to pay for with some of our citizens need to be locked up while others may only need some other method of social retribution for their crimes.  $100/day per inmate seems like a lot of money to keep someone in jail for minor offenses. There are other options and they need to be researched and used.

A new $250K jail study will soon  be out for general review by the public.  The Sheriff is pushing for a new 1,000 bed jail.  Canyon County owns a jail site out on the Notus Hwy.  The last time around a special use permit was denied to the county so they could add onto the existing jail.