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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mayor Nancolas Speaks on Downtown

THE GUARDIAN got a phone call from Mayor Nancolas and Mr. Eljay Waite, city finance director this morning as a follow-up to a query by me on a couple of issues.  Mayor Nancolas gave me the following responses to some rumors floating around about downtown Caldwell.

1.  It is rumored Mayor Nancolas has asked for a 90 day halt to any further action on our downtown plaza. Mayor Nancolas said it is due to the time frame asked by Roger Brooks to get his final report in for his efforts on our downtown.

2.  Are we going to have a Reel Theater in our downtown?  Mayor Nancolas responded that he was unaware of anyone trying to put a Reel Theater in our downtown. He said he does not even know any of the principal owners of Reel Theaters.

Mayor Nancolas did share with me that there are 4 developers sniffing around downtown for possible projects.  He also indicated the budgets for Caldwell as well as the Urban Renewal Agency would not withstand the $5MM figure asked for support for the Plaza.  Money, siting and other aspects of the plaza project would have to be carefully analyzed during this years budget process for next fiscal year..

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Three Wise Men of Caldwell Stall Plaza Project

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN leaders of Caldwell are actively trying to kill the idea of a plaza in our downtown.  What is amazing our Mayor Garrett Nancolas has verbally on more than one occasion promised the good people working on this effort that the plaza would indeed be built on the site of the old King's building.

Leaders of Destination Caldwell garnered $65,000 to bring Roger Brooks to Caldwell for some guidance on their efforts and present several events for leaders and citizens of Caldwell on how to transform our city into a beautiful community with and emphasis on the wine and dining as a major emphasis should the projects move forward.

Three players who hold most of the power to make this effort move forward are now waffling on cash and other supports for this project.  It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN the three amigos in stalling movement on the plaza are Mayor Nancolas, City Finance Director, Eljay Waite and City Councilman Rob Hopper.

It is starting to appear all the time and efforts spent by the folks working on the plaza concept for downtown will ultimately find their efforts in a file drawer at City Hall.  It is very odd the plaza has not received the support TVCC did and this was a project totally redundant to taxpayer supported College of Western Idaho.

Update: Link to OP-ED in IPT this past week:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Closure of Nampa Annex Closure Moved Back to Summer/Falll 2015

It has been reported to the GUARDIAN closure of the Nampa Annex Courthouse will be held off until late Summer or early Fall of 2015.  The reason reported for the delay is due to all the remodel work in the main courthouse in Caldwell.  Once the remodel work is completed all the additional courtrooms will provide needed space for all the Judges and Clerks when the Nampa Annex is finally closed.
Editorial note:  The Guardian wonders how all this will play out now that Mayor Tom Dale is our newest Commissioner.  Stay tuned for more on this.