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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Erik Makrush Announcement for Caldwell City Council

THE GUARDIAN received this announcement from Erik Makrush today.  He has filed and is running against Shannon Ozuna who was appointed to the Caldwell City Council when former City
Councilman Rob Oates took over as Caldwell Airport Manager. 

Dear neighbor and patriot,

I am pleased to announce that I am running for Caldwell City Council this November.  Like many cities around the state, Caldwell faces many challenges and is in need of new leadership to take us into the next decade.

Upon election to city council, I will fight for:
  • ·         LOWER property taxes
  • ·         Solutions that actually work to create a viable, business friendly environment
  • ·         Elimination of non-essential services and pork spending
  • ·         Complete transparency and engaging citizens to find better ways for city government to operate
  • ·         Adopt a “pay-as-you-go” philosophy and pay off outstanding bonds

As a policy analyst, I have worked on issues of urban renewal reform, transparency in state and local government, reform in transportation funding, higher education, reform in building codes to allow for more local control, and exposing waste in state and local spending.

I am asking you for your support.  In order to make the needed changes and to lead the way as an example for the rest of the state, my team and I are asking you to tell 5 people about my effort to give a new, strong conservative voice to the Caldwell city council.  Together we can stop wasteful spending and bring real government reform.  It’s up to us here in Caldwell to set an example for the rest of the state to follow!
Thank you for support. 
Erik C. Makrush
Candidate for Caldwell City Council Seat 4


  1. Erik is a great leader and has long fought for what is right in government. He is not afraid to stand up against the system. I have found him to be honest, willing to listen to all ideas, and understands the proper role of government. I vote for Erik Makrush for Caldwell city council

  2. Paul, would it be politically incorrect to ask a candidate to post a resume, work experience, age, etc? These people are asking to fill a job.

  3. I particularly like the "pay as you go philosophy" part.

  4. Anyone who aligns themselves with the "Idaho Freedom Foundation" and Wayne Hoffman needs to be looked over pretty harshly. Hoffman is a radical nut who has some harsh views of many things that are good in America. Sorry Erik you lose my vote! Can't take the chance of letting a wack job run this already wacky city.

  5. I will take a " wack job " who belives in the constituion over the quasi socialists we have in office now any day.

  6. Sorry I wont take a wack job who has an axe to grind. I want responsible leadership, not more anti government rhetoric. Get in there and fix government. Government is a necessary evil which must be properly managed. Focus on that.

  7. What gets me is that this freedom foundation that Wayne Hoffman belongs to has never been questioned at all never mind that Wayne Hoffman belongs to one of the largest lobbying groups in the state and that is whats wrong with the government already too many special interest groups trying to get their way and the hell with everyone else who has to suffer from their wrong doins.

  8. If you think any citizen has any chance in the Idaho Legislature to get anything done w/o the help of a lobbyist, think again. It is no secret I have worked at Judicial changes to Urban Renewal Law in Idaho due to Constitutional conflict issues with these laws. It finally took a Legislative fix to make some changes and those changes would not have happened w/o the help of several lobbyists.

    Legislators are swamped with an incredible amount of things to digest during the Session. A competent lobbyist will condense issues down for Legislators who have come to trust what the majority of these people have to offer. Idaho does not have a 'CITIZEN LEGISLATURE" in the sense a single citizen can get much done on his own. Lobbyists are "hired guns" to work a piece of legislation in every contact they have with each legislator and they don't work for free, nor should they. It takes a lot of effort to get a piece of legislation passed. Somebody saying "we ought to do this, that or another thing" does not make anything happen in government.

  9. Did anyone watch the republican debates on CNN tonight? 9-12-11. What has happened to the republican party? The only ideology I was hearing from them was national socialism, you know the same kind of ideas that Germany had in the 1930's and early 1940's. I hope our local candidates that are running for our local offices are not taking any cue from any those people that were debating tonight.

  10. Your goals sound great, I'm all for cutting the pork barrel spending and lowering property taxes (who wouldn't be?) I just hope these aren't the empty promises we hear from potential politicians that are forgotten about once they enter office.

  11. Mr. Makrush, what are you going to do about the police and fire budgets which are way out of control considering this economy? Do you have empty promises or are you going to do someting about it?

  12. Do you have something to say or are you just going to correct spelling mistakes? I would like to know what Makrush considers to be non essential services? Fire Protection? Ambulance Service? Senior citizens center?


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