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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Early Voting Starts October 7th, 2013

THE GUARDIAN received word from the good people at the elections office about early voting start date.  You can start voting early on October 7th.  Typically it will stop on the Friday before elections.  That date is November 1st.

Only a little over 3,800 people made the effort to vote during the last mayoral election and even less are expected this time around.  This means every vote counts even more than ever.

Several people have approached me about not taking time off from the blog until the election is over and I am reluctant to do so because of a tendency to drift away from issues and having to moderate "snarky" anonymous posts either for or against candidates in various races.  People tend to take it personally when what they have to say is edited or outright removed.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Caldwell Guardian Running for Mayor of Caldwell

If you have not heard by now I am officially in the race for the position of Mayor of Caldwell.  In fairness to my opponent, Mayor Nancolas, I will be taking a hiatus when it comes to local government blog posts. 

 If you are not registered to vote, please consider doing so.  It is a quick process and can be done at the County Elections Office at the corner of 11th and Chicago in Caldwell. 

Unseating an incumbent is an uphill battle and it will take a lot of effort on my part and all the help I can get from supporters.  I expect a very low turnout for this election.  You can vote early, absentee or in person at your local polling place will have a lot of impact on who wins or loses this election.