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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The Guardian keeps hearing about how impossible it is for people to reach credit reporting agencies to put a freeze on their private credit information.  Has anyone asked WHY we are the ones who must put a freeze on our private credit information?  Credit reporting agencies have collected private information on all of us and have kept this information without our approval and now we are the ones who must contact all of the credit reporting agencies and "at our own cost" pay these agencies to put a freeze on our private information.

The Guardian thinks it is time for Congress to step in and make all the credit reporting agencies put a freeze on our private information.  If we want to release our private information to someone then we can do so of our own volition.  There are plenty of mistakes made with credit reporting that can ruin members of the public without having the very agency in charge of our information not keeping it private,

Take the time to let Congressman Raul Labrador know how you feel and ask his help in getting the credit reporting agencies to put an automatic freeze on our credit information until it it actually released by us. Here's a link to Congressman Labrador's Webpage:,  it takes just a few minutes to send him your thoughts on this matter.  They really do listen and want to hear how you think about this serious breach of our private information.

UPDATE 9/20/2017:  The Guardian went to the Equifax site and they now have a quick and easy signup for Cyber Security and Credit Monitoring.  Here's a link
You can check to see if your credit information has been compromised and sign up at this site free of charge.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Are We Going for Another Jail Bond?

The local paper came out in favor of a new jail for Canyon County in the Sunday edition of the IPT.  Not much has changed other than the costs of building a new jail.  The Guardian has opposed all jail bond efforts in the past due to the extremely high costs of building, maintaining and other jail overhead costs like food, medical and staffing costs.

Typically it costs about $100K per jail bed to build a proper jail these days.  It also costs about $100/day to keep someone incarcerated in a jail when all the ancillary costs are put into running a jail.  

Our county commissioners have spent another $250,000 for this latest jail study.  The support for building a new jail is that we have over 200,000 people in our county.  No stats were given to support building a new jail other than the size of the jail in Ada County.  It would really be interesting to see how they came up with the data to support the costs of running a new jail.  One thing for sure is we will continue to use what we have in addition to any and all existing jail beds.

Here's a very good example of why we are not managing jail space properly.  I know a person who got a 45 day sentence for "malicious damage to property" over a $45 cell phone bill.  He owed the money so the judge sentenced his to work off his $45 damages in jail via 45 days of incarceration.  One has to ask if this was an appropriate sentence and questions "are the right people ending up in jail".  In this case I think not.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Incumbents Having Election Challengers

This post is for those of you who don't take either one of the local papers or watch the local news. This post is a short list of challengers and jobs they are seeking.

Mayor challenger to Incumbent Garret Nancolas is Ted Brumet.  Mr. Brumet is a retired veteran from the National Guard he has been active in veterans organizations here in Caldwell.  He has lived in Caldwell for the last 14 years. Ted served 25 yrs. active duty in the National Guard.

City Council
Seat 1:
Teressa Dodge
Mike Pollard (Incumbent)
Magda Ruano

Seat 2:
Terrance Biggers
Dennis Callsen (Incumbent)

Seat 3:
Robert Hopper (Incumbent)
Jack Linton
Brian Ruehl

The local papers usually give candidate a set of questions to each candidate to answer when they are trying to ferret out their positions on various issues.  The Guardian will try to keep readers abreast of this off-year election.  In years past the turnout has been very low with about 3,000 total votes.  Generally the one with as low as 1,600 votes will win.  (Caldwell now has nearly 55,000 people living in this city.)

Election day is Tuesday,November 7, 2012.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

New School Week 4.5 Days!

New School Week 4.5 Days! I didn't believe it at first when I asked a group of Jefferson Middle School kids how come they were getting out early on a Wednesday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. One of the kids shared with me they were going to get early release on Wednesdays all year long.

At first blush I thought it was a kid messing with an old man's mind.  I the following Wednesday I observed the same deal with kids walking by my house on their way home.  I had to get to the bottom of this and fired off an email to the Caldwell School District Office yesterday afternoon.  I got a prompt reply from Mr. Caleb Shore, the webmaster at Caldwell School District Office.  Here is what Mr. Shore said about the early out:

"Correct, Wednesday is an early release for students. We are using this time for professional development and training."

The Guardian also learned that Nampa is now into their second year of the 4.5 day work schedule for teachers.  Questions abound about how teachers are going to get done what they are expected to accomplish with the shortened work week.  It also raises the question of why not go to a 4-day week like what is done in other school districts to save money on all manner of things from bussing costs, heating and power costs etc.  

If anyone knows more about this, please do leave a comment below.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


THE GUARDIAN has been approached about reviving this blog.  I have a person who has expressed a willingness to help with all the research needed and I have agreed to bring the Caldwell Guardian back on line as topics of interest become available.

Stay tuned for more... Paul

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mayor Nancolas Speaks on Downtown

THE GUARDIAN got a phone call from Mayor Nancolas and Mr. Eljay Waite, city finance director this morning as a follow-up to a query by me on a couple of issues.  Mayor Nancolas gave me the following responses to some rumors floating around about downtown Caldwell.

1.  It is rumored Mayor Nancolas has asked for a 90 day halt to any further action on our downtown plaza. Mayor Nancolas said it is due to the time frame asked by Roger Brooks to get his final report in for his efforts on our downtown.

2.  Are we going to have a Reel Theater in our downtown?  Mayor Nancolas responded that he was unaware of anyone trying to put a Reel Theater in our downtown. He said he does not even know any of the principal owners of Reel Theaters.

Mayor Nancolas did share with me that there are 4 developers sniffing around downtown for possible projects.  He also indicated the budgets for Caldwell as well as the Urban Renewal Agency would not withstand the $5MM figure asked for support for the Plaza.  Money, siting and other aspects of the plaza project would have to be carefully analyzed during this years budget process for next fiscal year..

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Three Wise Men of Caldwell Stall Plaza Project

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN leaders of Caldwell are actively trying to kill the idea of a plaza in our downtown.  What is amazing our Mayor Garrett Nancolas has verbally on more than one occasion promised the good people working on this effort that the plaza would indeed be built on the site of the old King's building.

Leaders of Destination Caldwell garnered $65,000 to bring Roger Brooks to Caldwell for some guidance on their efforts and present several events for leaders and citizens of Caldwell on how to transform our city into a beautiful community with and emphasis on the wine and dining as a major emphasis should the projects move forward.

Three players who hold most of the power to make this effort move forward are now waffling on cash and other supports for this project.  It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN the three amigos in stalling movement on the plaza are Mayor Nancolas, City Finance Director, Eljay Waite and City Councilman Rob Hopper.

It is starting to appear all the time and efforts spent by the folks working on the plaza concept for downtown will ultimately find their efforts in a file drawer at City Hall.  It is very odd the plaza has not received the support TVCC did and this was a project totally redundant to taxpayer supported College of Western Idaho.

Update: Link to OP-ED in IPT this past week:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Closure of Nampa Annex Closure Moved Back to Summer/Falll 2015

It has been reported to the GUARDIAN closure of the Nampa Annex Courthouse will be held off until late Summer or early Fall of 2015.  The reason reported for the delay is due to all the remodel work in the main courthouse in Caldwell.  Once the remodel work is completed all the additional courtrooms will provide needed space for all the Judges and Clerks when the Nampa Annex is finally closed.
Editorial note:  The Guardian wonders how all this will play out now that Mayor Tom Dale is our newest Commissioner.  Stay tuned for more on this.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nampa Annex Slated for Closure

This is my first post after taking a long summer break well into Indian Summer. 

I would like to report Guardian readers Nampa Court Annex will cease operations in January of 2015.  It was previously reported is has been costing county taxpayers an estimated $900K/yr. to keep this facility open.  Closure and consolidation will come on the heels of opening the new County Administration Building.

In addition to closure of the Nampa Annex; the Public Defender will be relocated to the Canyon County Courthouse Campus.  This move has been estimated to save taxpayers an additional $2MM a year.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

College Debt, The Financial Obligation of a Lifetime

Congratulations to the class of 2014.  You will all be paying for your college debt for a good long while and the bankers thank you for this obligation you created for yourselves.

I can't open a newspaper or a magazine that there isn't some boo-hoo article about college debts and how will kids pay for all this.  Well, I have to look no further than Mom and Dad for not saving for their kids education and not giving them better council on what to get their degree in while they were in school.  I also can't say enough about the choice of schools either.  What were they thinking when they went to a school with $50k/yr. tuition?  And to top it off they got degrees in History or English or some other field without a prayer of making a decent income for all that expense and effort.

I was aghast at finding a friend of mine had managed to rack up $140K in college debts.  What are these folks thinking when they sign on the dotted line.  The average graduate these days comes out with about $25K in college debt.  The media is making a big deal about this and I have to ask why?   People routine sign on the dotted line for a new car and all they are concerned about is the monthly payment.  They quickly forget it is for 60-72 months and they have a worn out piece of rust when it is finally paid off.

Parents have the obligation to help their kids pay for college and at the same time direct them to a course of study that has a job waiting at the end of four years.  They also need not get all gushy about which school their kids attend.  Not once was I ever asked where I went to college.  Employers are more concerned about putting your kid in a room with his sheep skin and can he or she solve a problem.  Critical thinking and problem solving are more important to employers than where junior went to school.

The idea that grants and free money from the government will be there when a kid graduates from high school is a myth.  Start saving for their education the day they exit the birth canal and send them to a state supported school in-state for their undergraduate degree work. Grad school is another matter but in-state is still better than a place that will place a financial burden on the family or the student. 

Make them take 15 units or more each semester and get the hell out of college as quickly as they can.  This means advance placement in high school and they can be out in a little over three years or less.