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Monday, October 3, 2011

All Candidates Invited to Post Their Message To Voters

THE GUARDIAN has received inquiries about candidates for city council from cities other than Caldwell posting their information on THE CALDWELL GUARDIAN.  All candidates running for office in any city or county election in Canyon County is welcome to submit election information.  My only guideline is that it be less than 500 words or less and a single photo of your choice is welcome.  Also, I will ask that it be kept to the issues.  You can send it to my email address

Last time this offer was extended there was some confusion that it was limited to just Caldwell candidates and I apologize for that misunderstanding.  I will make no endorsements of any candidates.  On any given month THE GUARDIAN gets between 2,000-2,900 hits/month. This is my effort to get voters informed about candidates and issues at no charge to candidates.  If you know someone running for office please pass this open invitation to them.


  1. Hey Paul,

    Why not take a series of questions affecting the cities and post them for the candidates to answer. I certainly would like to know what their stances are on these issues. Or better yet have a weekly issue for them to write a column about where their responses can be downloaded as an adobe pdf document if you worry about space. I would like to know more than just their age, astrological sign etc. I want to know what they stand for and what they are going to do.

    Here are a couple of good starters.

    Which services/departments of your city do you see as being wasteful or being able to cut back on spending?

    How should the Police/Fire and Teachers unions be dealt with in your city and what could you do to bring overly generous employee salary and benefit plans more into line with the private sector?

    Just a thought.

  2. Overly generous? You obviously haven't worked as a public employee have you? Contrary to your libertarian belief system, teachers, firefighters, and cops don't make as much as you seem to think we do. When the economy was good you were paid well while we in the public sector got crappy wages. The only plus was a guaranteed retirement just above poverty level. Now that the economy is in the toilet suddenly public sector jobs look a lot more appealing don't they. For once we aren't getting the shaft and that makes you angry doesn't it. I feel your pain, but we don't deserve your excessive criticisms. We are hard working people too and earn every penny.


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