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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rem Fox Running for Caldwell City Council

 THE GUARDIAN received this post from Candidate for Caldwell City Council, Rem Fox Sunday afternoon.  Mr. Fox has taken a personal interest in the City of Caldwell and was a Co-Author of the Master Framework Plan done for Downtown Caldwell along with other projects he has generously put his personal time and efforts into as a Caldwell resident.

Intro: Helping Our Community Grow and Prosper

If you take a drive throughout the Boise Valley and compare notes on progress and business development for the last 10 years you can see a huge difference between Caldwell and the surrounding cities.  Nampa, Meridian, and Boise continue to expand even in tough economic times over and above Caldwell. 

Caldwell’s elected leadership have not cultivated the private investors through public/private partnerships that launch solid growth plans for businesses and jobs as a priority for our community in over a decade.  Without the right focus our home values and township values have deteriorated far below our peer cities.  With the nation’s debt and our dependence on major jobs outside our community we are in a vulnerable position that must be remedied through significant work efforts.

Caldwell has a rich history and needs new leadership skills that can guide and enable changes for positive investments that create jobs and balance the wages to our side of the Boise Valley.

The efforts required are akin to the 1940’s by building from within and focusing on our assets that we have today.  We can no longer rely on taxation tools as a way to build a city and a community.  We need new leadership with the skills required for the times we face.  We cannot afford to be left behind.


     For the last 23 years I have been a business and technology executive for several major corporations and small business start up companies.  I have worked in four completely different industries gaining incredible knowledge and applicable skills that I have diversely applied to various roles and contributions along the way.

     I have personally invested most of my working career in Idaho with my 3rd start up company located in Meridian, Idaho in the Health Care industry.  As a local Caldwell resident I have donated my time the last two years to the City of Caldwell.  I served as Chairman of the Master Framework Committee, Business & Economic Incentive Program for Urban Renewal, and Operational Management Consultant for development services Red Carpet Program.  I serve on the Business Retention & Recruitment Committee for Caldwell Economic Development, the County IRB Committee and donate time to various projects supporting education and business improvement programs.

     I am the Economic Development Director of Sage Community Resources consulting for new strategy and program development projects and the Area Agency on Aging for senior services and programs. 

      As a seasoned business executive in private industry, my exposure to Idaho Government has been quite a learning experience.  Since my involvement I have brought much needed business, financial, and analytical skills to the decisions being made with public dollars.  Public money needs to be managed with great respect and strong equitable outcomes for taxpayers.  Using my business experience to focus on Public / Private partnerships, job creation, growth, technology innovation, education, and building a road map for the future of Caldwell; these are my top priorities.

     I am a very driven and optimistic individual that removes barriers for success.  My level of engagement to this community will be a top priority if elected.  Together I believe we can ensure Caldwell a path to great success.


  1. Mr. Fox seems to be very connected to the recruitment of new business for Caldwell but I would be interested in just what incentives are available to encourage a new business to move to Caldwell.

  2. Mr. Fox was instrumental in getting the current incentives program up and running as well as the Master Framework Study for downtown. Both were part of the Urban Renewal effort but the sad part is Mr. Fox's participation was late in the Urban Renewal effort and as such the incentives program has only $200k/year to work with business incentives for new businesses in Caldwell. I am familiar with his Master Framework report and it is a first rate piece of work but came after most of the UR money was dedicated. He worked tirelessly on this project along with Rob Pilote and it was presented to the community in February of 2010. I view Mr. Fox as a first rate visionary and an asset to the community.


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