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Monday, September 26, 2011

Nampa Budget Items You Might Find Interesting

Most taxpayers recognize there is a level of taxation that is needed to keep a city viable.  That means more than water flowing and toilets flushing but some of the numbers below are troubling others informational.

Items noted in the GENERAL FUND,
1.  Budget transfer to Civic Center   $361,000
2.  Budget transfer to Idaho Center  $766,000
3.  Mayor and City Council   $489,000

Items in ENTERPRISE & SPECIAL REVENUE FUNDS,  (additional taxes extracted from everyone as a use tax fund not related to property tax),
1.  911 Telephone and cell phone fees you pay  $1,538,299
2.  Electric franchise fees (Idaho Power bill add on) $251,800
3.  Storm-water Utility (the new one everyone hates)  $1,830,000
4.  Idaho Center revenue  $4,371,000
5.  Civic Center revenue  $$1,215,000

Public Safety Costs,
1.  Police $18,335,000
2.  Fire  $11,568,000

We picked these costs off page D-4 in the Legal Advertisements in today's Idaho Press Tribune and thought the numbers might be of interest to Guardian readers.  Numbers have been rounded to the nearest thousand dollars up or down.


  1. Hmm, looks to me like "socialism" is alive and well in Nampa, Idaho. At the risk of getting a jack-boot in the behind, the middle-class (or what is left of it) is sure having to support that relationship between business and government here.

  2. Nampa PD
    85 officers
    Budget 18 million

    better equipment, over 160 deputies, a doctor, nurses and several hundred prisoners fed, clothed, and cared for daily.
    Budget 19 million

    Who is getting more bang for their buck?

    Stop wasting my money on an un-needed police palace, un-needed and wasteful police department, and un-needed dispatchers service.

    It is time to shed some light on Uncle Tommy's wasteful spending of our tax dollars like a drunken sailor on shore leave.

    If we closed our current police department and gave the same amount of revenue to the sheriff instead, he could still employ the same number of officers for Nampa city alone and still have plenty left over for his precious jail without having to raise taxes! It's blatantly obvious their spending is out of control. Close the PD, merge with the sheriff.

  3. Let them eat cake.... nice photo and it says it all. I hope people will take every incumbent we have out of office and let some new ideas surface in city government.

  4. Here are the same numbers for Caldwell as best they can be compared:

    Mayor and City Council $312,966.00

    YMCA (Pledge from Urban Renewal) $1,000,000.00

    Public Safety:
    Police $6,867,832.00
    Fire $4,641,769.00

    City expense numbers were taken from the 2012 budget expenditure detail, YMCA data from CEURA minutes.

  5. I think we can pretty much agree the cities have not been frugal with our tax dollars and are not doing a very good job of delivering services at a competitive price. Oh that's right, we are talking about government not private business.

    Guess Tommy boy and and King Garrett have found another way to waste our money.

  6. Where is the line item to pay the three Nampa police officers who are filing a federal lawsuit against the Nampa police department for being retaliated against for blowing the whistle on corruption and waste of taxpayer dollars?

    We need to seriously clean that rats nest out and get things under control again.

  7. here is the link to the story on Nampa Police corruption..

  8. I read the article today on this story and downloaded the complaint which was filed and all I can say after reading it is "Wow"! If that isn't workplace harassment I don't know what is. This whole matter should have never been allowed to go this far. Although the activities complained of rest in the administration of the police department, I am very disappointed in the mayor for even after being fully appraised of everything that has happened, he has failed yet again to take positive actions to remedy these problems. He has put the city on the hook for a class action lawsuit that could yield millions of taxpayer dollars to defend against and settle. Knowing these folks they will probably try to use urban renewal monies for it. After all it's free money right? If they want to be this irresponsible, let's appoint some civilian oversight committees to oversee every last decision the chief makes since he can't seem to be responsible.


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