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Monday, October 22, 2012

Weeds On I-84, IDT Won't Mow

THE GUARDIAN contacted Mayor Nancolas regarding the visual blight as well as the safety issues posed by weeds in the center divider and along the sides of I-84 hoping he could have some sway with Idaho Transportation Department in this matter.  Here is what we got back from Mayor Nancolas:

"We have again contacted ITD and they stae that this will be all they do for now. They assert that even if they mow the weeds, the cut weeds present the same hazard.  They also assert this is the directive of the new Director!!"

Perhaps the financial settlement with the former ITD Director, Pam Lowe has cut into the state highway maintenance budget.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Election Stuff Dist. 10 House and Pioneer Irrigation Board

THE GUARDIAN does not endorse candidates but in this instance you might wish to read the Idaho Press Tribune article on candidates for the state legislature very informative.

Next, is the issue of the Pioneer Irrigation Board of Directors election.  THE GUARDIAN is finding the ongoing and seemingly endless litigation between the city of Caldwell and PID a flagrant waste of taxpayer dollars. 

There is zero city representation on this board and now may be an opportunity to change this. City Finance Director, Eljay Waite, is running against a PID incumbent.  In order to vote in this election you will have to go out to the PID offices on Lake Avenue just south of Caldwell Nampa Blvd.  November 6th is the election date and now early voting in this election that we are aware of at this time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Un-Named Developer $450K Caldwell, $7MM Nampa

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN the same developer who wants to do a senior citizen project in Caldwell with the help of $450k from Caldwell taxpayers is the very same developer who is grabbing for the brass ring in Nampa to the tune of $7 Million.

The number of $450K is common knowledge in Caldwell and the site of the project is rumored to be the old Sundowner Motel.
 In Nampa it is the old Mercy Hospital. One astute reader of the sparse financial information noted the units in the Nampa project would cost north of $130k each before the building and ground is purchased based upon the $7MM the "developer" wants up front.

THE GUARDIAN is openly wondering why this developer and his local projects are not more transparent and costs to taxpayers more open for discussion.  One reason is the involvement of Caldwell and Nampa Urban Renewal districts.  They answer to nobody for any of their actions or expenditures of public tax dollars.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Idaho Center Needs New Roof

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN the Idaho Center needs a new roof.  The RFQ for this project was noted in the legal ads in the IPT this past week.

Not only is the Idaho Center a WHITE ELEPHANT and drain on taxpayers of Nampa the roof is leaking after a mere 16 years of service.  The Idaho Center was placed into service the Fall of 1996/Winter of 1997. 

update 10/16/2012:  We received word from a reliable source the cost to fix the Idaho Center roof is $200,000 and replacing the roof will cost $277,000. 

Nampa Urban Renwal Looking for Debt Underwriter

As promised, Nampa Development Corp. is looking to spend another $19 million for a new library. If they can find any takers on the debt it will be south of 4.0%.  Their Developer won't do much but talk until the money for the project is secured. 

What is not well understood with this project and all urban renewal projects is ALL COUNTY TAXPAYERS WILL PAY FOR THIS PROJECT.  URA's pay for their pork projects with property  taxes and call it "magic".  The only magic in all of this is how poorly informed taxpayers are on the mechanics of how urban renewal works. 

City officials are not willing to put these pork projects up for a vote of the people for fear the voting public will not approve their pork projects.  The Idaho Legislature created URA's to get around voters and bond elections.

 Now we have another $19MM for a library on top of the $14.5MM spent on a new police building.  All Canyon County property owners will be forced to repay this debt.  The tax shift created by removing properties from county tax rolls like the Nampa Marketplace and other property has to be made up for to keep the cash flowing to pay for city and county services.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Early Voting Starts October 9th

Short and sweet... Early Voting starts October 9. We got the following press release from Joe Decker today:

In person absentee voting will start on the 9th of October for the November 6th general election. Election office hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM M-F.

The last day to vote in person will be Friday November 2, 2012.

If you have any questions you can call the elections office at 454-7562.