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Monday, November 19, 2012

Public Hearing on County Admin. Building Bonding

On Monday, November 26th there will be a hearing on the bonding for the county admin. building. The meeting will be held at noon in the Caldwell Police Station Community Room. Bonds will be bought by Banner Bank with an interest rate of  2.89% over the life of the bond debt. 

Preliminary construction estimates are the building will cost $6.8 MM. Bonds will be issued in the amount of $7.8 MM with any funds left over from the building to be used to remodel the existing courthouse into more courtroom space and other projects.

THE GUARDIAN hopes the new admin. building will result in closure of the Nampa Courthouse.  The costs of running that place do not justify the expense.  Closure of the Nampa Courthouse and selling off that property should result in enough money saved to put a serious dent in the cost of the new admin building by centralizing court needs in Caldwell.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Are the Plans to Fight Colorado and Washington on New Pot Laws

The states of Washington and Colorado have voted to legalize marijuana in their states for recreational use.  Now comes the question how the federal government intends to enforce their stance on this matter.  The reality is they can't and everyone knows it. 

Laws depend on the populace voluntarily complying with the law.  That isn't going to happen anymore in these two states.  The Federal Govt. hasn't got the jail and prison space to lock up offenders and both states know that.  Once you have more than about 3% of any given population ignoring a law it becomes impossible to enforce.  Don't believe it?  Do the math and see how much jail and prison space would have to be built to lock up all the violators.  Backing up before prisons become overrun with marijuana violators the courts would become clogged and brought to total gridlock.

It will be interesting to see how the Obama Justice Department deals with this turn of events in Washington and Colorado.  THE GUARDIAN has long advocated that marijuana be decriminalized, taxed and sold at the local 7-11's and other retail outlets.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Banner Bank To Underwrite $7.8 MM County Admin. Bldg. Project

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN, Banner Bank will be underwriting the new county administration building.  The project will be located on the north side of Albany Street between the 10th Avenue overpass and 11th Avenue. 

The building site is now a parking lot and to offset parking needs the county has acquired property next to the railroad tracks between 10th Avenue and Albany Street.

Funding will come from tax anticipation monies from Caldwell East Urban Renewal Agency with $7.8 million towards this project.  The plan calls for the county to use $6.7 million for the new building and hold back $1.1 to cover cost overrides and rising material costs.  Should there be any funds left over from this project they will be dedicated to courtrooms and remodel costs in the existing courthouse.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A One Block Urban Renewal District?

THE GUARDIAN learned today the fair city of Nampa wants another URA.  The new district will be a one block affair to take in the old Mercy Hospital in order to give the "developer from Caldwell" a tax break.

The city of Nampa will do anything to keep voters from approving this project and have already got a preliminary read from city attorney, Mr. White that they can proceed without a vote of the people on this new URA.

This new URA is item number 6 on the city council agenda for tonight.  The vote will likely be an eve split with Mayor Dale breaking the tie in favor of forming the new URA.

More on this as things move forward to a public hearing required by state statutes.