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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Idaho Center Subsizies Uses Below Fair Market Values

We received the following data from a reader who obtained the information via a Freedom of Information Request.

The people in charge of the Idaho Center call it "Community Contributions" when they account for the amount charged against fair market value of the event.  That said, here is a list of events getting a deal on the use of the Idaho Center:

High School Graduations:  paid $6,300  Act. Value $30,400

CWI Graduations:  paid nothing

NNU Graduations:  paid $2,500  Act. Value $10,000
Boys and Girls Club:  paid $4,500  Act. Value $18,000

God and Country:  paid $13,00 Act. Value $25,000

Snake Riv. Stampede: ($25,000) Act. Value $136,000

Rollie Lane Wresling: paid $3,000 Act. Value $10,000

Boys Basketball: paid $17,954 Act. Value $30,000

Girls Basketball: paid: $1,500 Act. Value $25,000

BSU Track: paid: ($38,000) Act. Value $52,000

Career Fair: paid $0 Act. Value $10,000

TBA: paid $0 Act. Value $3,800

Police/Fire Training: paid $0 Act. Value $7,000

Rodeo Club (36+events): paid ($11,000) Act. Value  $10,000

All of the above comes to a net total of $392,446.00 Nampa taxpayers subsidized (under-charged) for the above events for one year.  Other data received supports taxpayers support the Idaho Center to between $1.5 to $2.0 Million or more every year of operations at the Idaho Center.  Next year the amount of the subsidy is $2.4 Million.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cowboy Coppers Wreck Four Police Cars

THE GUARDIAN is wondering what the Nampa Coppers were thinking when they managed to wreck four Nampa patrol cars, a residents car and the guy they were chasing got his car wrecked as well.  At one point in time there were seven Nampa Police cars in this wild chase around the fair city of Nampa.

It all started when the arrested driver of the vehicle was weaving while driving and was observed with an open container.  The Coppers were trying to explain that given the early morning hour of 1:00 AM made the HIGH SPEED CHASE a relatively safe decision on their part.  The reality is driving at high speeds in residential areas in the middle of the night is NOT a reasonable NOR safe thing to do.  House walls will not stop a speeding vehicle. 

The end result is four expensive taxpayer owned vehicles are severely damaged. a citizens vehicle was damaged and the perp's car is probably totaled.  They could have called off the high speed pursuit and followed this guy to his destination and arrested him without incident v. all the mayhem resulting from the pursuit decision. 

Here's a link to the story and photos from the KTVB website.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Caldwell and Nampa Chamber of Commerce Meet With Commishes Regarding Fair Move to New Digs

County Commishes met with members of the Caldwell and Nampa Chambers of Commerce regarding the pending move to an 80 acre site out on Hwy. 20/26 this past week.  The meeting started off on a contentious note on both sides with the Commishes in defensive mode and the Chamber people in an opposition posture at the meeting.  Commishes thought the meeting was going to be a presentation and it quickly got to a question session the Commishes were not ready to answer at the meeting.

Here's a quick summary of the questions by the Chamber people:

1. What is the mission of the Canyon County Fair?

2.  What is the Fair model with respect to the money supplied to the Fair and the economic impact to businesses, city and county services?

3.  Has any consideration been given to the sprawl issues with respect to the new Fair location v. staying in Caldwell or going to the Idaho Center?

4.  What are the economic loses to businesses when the Fair makes a move to the new site?

5.  What are the long term losses to taxpayers to provide fire, police, utilities, and the ultimate impact on the Idaho Center?

6.  What will the $40MM cost of the new site be on the community as well as impacts on other economic issues in Caldwell and Nampa?

7.  What is the Business Plan for the new fair site?

8.  Who will pay for the clear need for budget increases to operate and maintain the new site and will it result in a levy rate increase on taxpayers?

I might have missed a point or two but this is a summary of the questions presented to County Commissioners.  Here is a link to the meeting:  you will have to scroll down to the meeting option on this page.

Comm. Alder sited Canyon County is now 190,000 people and people of the county deserve a dedicated site for a county fair and that does not currently exist.  She also cited the possibility of linkage of the site with classes that could be offered in agricultural issues and opportunities with a dedicated fair site along with the FFA and 4-H programs.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nampa Library Groundbreaking Cost Taxpayers $1480.32

It has been reported to The Guardian the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Nampa Library project ran a tab of 1480.32  with a few bills not yet in for payment.

Also noted, in the freedom of information request was the fact the t-shirts handed out at the ceremony were obtained from a source outside the Great State of Idaho. 

Here's the breakdown on costs to taxpayers:

Staff t-shirts.................. $787.86

Balloons.........................  $63.30

Balloon Ties ................. $49.67

Lunch for everyone ......$533.00*
(They had Pulled Pork and for once the taxpayers got what they paid for.)

Helium for balloons  .... not yet billed

Hats for children  ..........$45.99

*Friends of the Library kicked in $200 for the pork lunch.