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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reader Poses Question About Jail Land And Engineering Reimbursement

THE GUARDIAN fielded a call from a reader that has some interesting implications. This reader has posed the question to the Commishes but no answer yet. The question asked was do the Canyon County Commissioners intend to reimburse the county general fund for all the money they have spent on jail land and engineering from the proceeds of the Jail Bond Election?

Put another way..are we taxpayers goning to get the opportunity to buy back land and engineering drawings we already own?

We have not heard from the Commishes on this issue regarding the jail bond election. Also inherent in this question is not only the land purchases at over $2 million there are engineering costs already paid for out of the county general fund for over $1 million. Is it the intent of the Commissioners to reimburse the county general fund all of the monies they have already spent. Or is it their intent to pillage the jail bond money to put cash back into the general fund with this bond election.

Commissioners have heretofore kept the voters out of jail expenses trying to do the project piecemeal until the economy hit the skids. Now they are asking us to retroactively approve their unauthorized expenditures with this bond election. No mea culpas on their part just write is a blank check for $46 million and we'll get'er done for ya.

We will post the answer should we get any information out of 1115 Albany on this question.

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  1. What do you want to bet the IPT won't ask the commissioners about this . They would want this to be kept quite if it turned out they were going to replenish the general fund out of the bond election money. This sounds like something this bunch of morons would try to pull off.They have done every thing on this jail behind closed doors and have done every thing they can to hide the real facts from the public. The Tribune has helped them by telling the public only what the sheriff and the commissioners want the public to know.


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