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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Did Mayor Nancolas Decline Radio Interview Opportunities

THE GUARDIAN, in a previous post put forth a schedule of local Mayoral candidates to be interviewed on the KIDO AM 63 radio show, NORTHWEST LIVE. We cited the dates and times for Mayor Tom Dale and Helmut Kohler. Also we noted incumbent Mayor Garret Nancolas declined multiple opportunites to be interviewed.

Mayor Nancolas sent following email to me:


Your statement regarding KIDO radio is absolutely false. I have never refused an interview with anyone at KIDO, and if fact did an interview with Mike Sharp last Thursday at 10:00 am. Please remove your false statement from your blog.

Garret L. Nancolas, Mayor
City of Caldwell"

We were listening to KIDO this morning to NORTHWEST LIVE in an effort to become informed voters while Mr. Helmut Kohler was getting run through the mill by the hosts of the radio show Dr. Ralph Smith and Eugene Smith (not related to one another). The hosts pointed out at the end of the interview with Mr. Kohler at 10:45 AM, Mayor Nancolas was indeed offered six different dates to appear on their radio show. All offers and dates were turned down "by his appointment secretary". True as cited by Mayor Nancolas, he did not personally decline the interviews but his "appointment secretary" did decline all offers to appear on this valuable public service forum in behalf of Mayor Nancolas.

THE GUARDIAN will acknowldge Mayor Nancolas did not personally decline the offers to appear on the radio show. We would suggest Mayor Nancolas listen to the tape of the radio show and check with his "appointment secretary" and why she declined the appearance offers for the Mayor.

You get to be the judge if Mayor Nancolas declined, refused or may have had a six way scheduling confilct for his no-show on this radio forum.

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