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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After Dubious Pullover Ticked Off Motorist Gets Jail Booking Numbers

THE GUARDIAN got the below Canyon County Jail Booking numbers from a ticked off motorist in Nampa who had just been recently pulled over. Copper said he was "weaving and didn't signal long enough when he changed lanes". This creates probable cause to pull over someone that will stand up in court. He was not cited by the patrol officer. (Perhaps a refresher in Driver's Ed. may be the answer for this guy.)

As curious citizen he filed an FOI records request and came up with some not so surprising facts--MOST people who are in jail are bad drivers and irresponsible, but NOT criminals.

He wanted you to share with you the top ten booking numbers when people get arrested in Canyon County. The numbers came directly from the Canyon County Sheriff's Office Annual Report.

Calendar 2007 Top 10 Booking Offenses

1. Driving Without Privileges 2819
2. Probation Violation (Misdemeanor) 2698
3. Ada County Hold 2016
4. Failure to Purchase Drivers Lic. 1913
5. DUI 1693
6. Poss. Controlled Substance 1330
7. Failure to Provide Insurance 1255
8. Poss. of Paraphernalia 1246
9. Failure to Appear (In Court) 1209
10. Immigration Hold 1137

Calendar 2008 Top 10 Booking Offenses

1. Driving Without Privileges 1975
2. Probation Violation (Misdemeanor) 1580
3. Failure to Purchase Drivers Lic. 1297
4. Failure to Provide Insurance 1016
5. Poss. Controlled Substance 903
6. Ada County Hold 798
7. Failure to Appear (In Court) 798
8. Probation Violation (Felony) 626
9. Petit Theft 589

We provide the above numbers without further comment as we head to the vote on the Jail Bond November 3rd.


  1. with only 396 (correct me if I'm wrong) beds in the jail - this is an argument against the jail bond? With those numbers? Should DUI offenders not be in jail? Where are the felony numbers? The assaults? The weapons charges? Stats are funny things (like your "poll of downtown businesses" that counted only 17 of the businesses in Caldwell but is being used as an election issue by your boy Kohler) and can be used to reflect opinions. Oh, I forgot. You just report facts, fair and unbiased.

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  2. Of those booked at the county jail, how many are book and releases and how many actually stay?

    I looked at the county website the other day and saw there were just 3 people total in jail that were there just for Driving without privileges.

    All 3 were found guilty and sentenced. Just because thousands have committed this offense annually does not mean they all go to jail for it. If they did that we would need a super jail!

    You know what is truly ironic is there were 4 people in jail booked just for Murder. So in review if you didn't catch it the first time, we have more people in jail for murder than we do for just Driving without privileges. Thats too funny! We also got more people in jail for crimes like Battery, Sex Crimes against children and drive by shootings too! Maybe your right though, the drive by shooters could probably be let out or re-educated or whatever. After all they are just misunderstood, a product of a society that is just trying to suppress their individual expression.

    Oh wait, got off track there sorry. I think this post was actually about this guys driving and not the jail. Or was it. Wait I'm confused again. Oh well, back to the driver guy.

    If this guy has been stopped that many times by the Nampa Police for suspicion of DUI and let go when they found out he wasn't drunk I would say he doesn't need a drivers ed class. He just needs to quit driving. He's obviously pretty bad at it. Or we can keep with your philosophy of blaming the police for someone elses bad behavior. If this guy wants to fix this problem he needs to go to a driving school and really work on his driving. I mean it's either the Nampa cops are picking on this guy or he is just a really bad driver right?

    If I get the meaning of this post correctly my interpretation is this guy feels victimized by the police. His opinion is there are more important things they should be doing than picking on him. Wave the magic numbers around in an effort to show how the police are some how the bad guys in all this for doing their jobs and voila! See we don't need a jail! I'll dig that list up for ya on what folks are being incarcerated for and post it here for you. You can then decide for yourselves which ones should be released and criticizethe cops for all the people who are unnecessarily incarcerated.

  3. Paul,
    I thought it was only my Mexican friends with raiders stickers on their cars or me in my 64 impala that got ran through this wringer. Canyon County cops/sheriffs are out of control and the community loves it. It seems the only way to combat crime and drugs in canyon County is with local and national police force. That's great if you love shooting guns and cracking skulls but it leads only to one place, and this man is a perfect example of where that is.

    Guilty until proven innocent.

    It's sad that we don't have economic changes happening that would put the base under our community that it needs so that drug dealers and addicts don't feel so at home here.

    I was pulled over and had dogs run thru my car because its "good practice for them" as they are "looking for RPGs and grenades and drugs." I don't know where these sheriffs thought they were but I have a feeling they were awfully disappointed when I drove off Scott free

  4. Rather than post a snap-shot of what people are in jail for as submitted as a comment we will redirect you to the Canyon County website artilce about the jail bond. Contained within the article is a PDF link for what people are in jail for on one particular day.



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