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Monday, October 19, 2009

Is Jail to be Regional or Local Facility?

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN the immediate and long range prospects of the jail will be to become a REGIONAL JAIL funded at Canyon County taxpayer expense. This explains the build out design of 2,000 beds. It has also been reported to THE GUARDIAN Owyhee and Canyon Sheriff's have been engaged in talks to shut down the Owyhee County Jail when and if the new Canyon County Jail gets built. Sheriff Smith even has a opinion piece on the Idhao Sheriff's Association website stating 'now is the time to act" on the issue of regional jails.

If Canyon County voters approve the bond will other small counties be lobbied to use this facility and shutter their jails as well. Expense of operation is the main motivation moving this concept forward. Commissioner Alder weighs in at the bottom of this post offering a regional jail is not what is planned.

Payback on the jail bond will be between $3-3,600,000 a year (or around $300,00/month for those of you who like monthly payment plans) depending on the final interest rate attached to the bond. The below information is taken directly off the ballot question for voters to decide on November 3rd.

The following information is provided in accordance with Section 34-439,

QUESTION: Shall Canyon County, State of Idaho, issue and sell its general obligation bonds in an amount of up to $46,000,000 payable over a term not to exceed twenty (20) years from ad valorem taxes, for the purpose of providing for the acquisition, construction and improvement of jail and associated law enforcement facilities, and other related improvements, equipment, items and costs incidental thereto, as more fully provided for in Resolution No. 09-183 of the County adopted September 1, 2009?


The total existing general obligation indebtedness, including interest accrued as of November 3, 2009, of Canyon County, State of Idaho, is $-0-. The average coupon interest rate anticipated on the proposed general obligation bonds is five and 11/100ths percent (5.11%). The range of anticipated rates is from one and 70/100ths percent (1.70%) to five and 95/100ths percent (5.95%). The total amount to be repaid over the life of the proposed general obligation bonds, based on the above anticipated interest rate, is (a) $72,913,135.00, if issued without any federal subsidy, or (b) $60,802,224.42, if issued with anticipated federal subsidy. Commissioners remain tight lipped on this subject.

THE GUARDIAN is happy to see Canyon County voters get the opportunity to vote on the jail bonding question and hope you will exercise your opportunity to weigh in on this issue on November 3rd.

The following is from the Idaho Sheriffs Association website:

"The Idaho Association of Counties (IAC) and Idaho Sheriffs' Association (ISA) along with the Department of Correction (IDOC) were recently awarded a $137,000 grant to study Regional Offender Management Centers. This new concept will explore the regionalization of prisons/jails with shared financial and governance responsibilities. The study will include misdemeanor/felony incarceration, treatment programs, probation and parole and other offender services all located at a single regional center. A bid will be let in the near future to select a consultant. The IAC, ISA and IDOC are excited about the prospects of this ground breaking research and look forward to working together to see the reality of its implementation."

THE GUARDIAN received the following comment from Commissioner Kathy Alder today, 10-22-09:

Because jails are so expensive to run the idea of Regional jails was talked about at the IAC meetings. There is no intention of making this a regional jail. The idea of putting it out on 20/26, (Notus) is because we do need to look to the future. there is no desire to make this a 2000 bed jail until it is needed which I think is a long time away, perhaps not in my lifetime."


  1. What was said about regional jails by sheriff Chris Smith? I don't think it had anything to do with volunteering Canyon County Taxpayer dollars to run a regional jail benefiting other counties as you have represented it. Come on Paul get real and do your research! Want to know what was really said? Why don't you post what Sheriff Smith actually said, you know quote your sources and prove your position instead of making unsubstantiated allegations? Check out the link below and please reconsider your venomous characterization of Chris Smith as the evil tax and spend sheriff you keep accusing him of being. Sure the sheriff's of this state have been kicking this idea around for some time but noone has really made any movement on this idea. The jail bond is exactly what it says on it's face, so stop trying to make it into something it is not, or do you fear your readers will be able to decide for themselves what Sheriff Smith's intent is? Jails.html

  2. So where's the admission the first three paragraphs of this article are rumor and have been proven to be false? Or do you plan to leave this misleading statement as is with no correction from the editor? Nice footnote from Kathy Alder. I BARELY noticed it.


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