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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mayor Nancolas Raises Kohler's Work History As Campaign Issue

Mayor Garret Nancolas asked Mr. Kohler to tell folks at the IPT candidate forum about his work history. Mr. Kohler was more than accommodating with the name and times of his employment for a million dollar company in Southern California prior to moving to Caldwell. (His father's age and illness brought Mr. Kohler to Caldwell so he could be near his parents at this stage of thier lives.)

THE GUARDIAN likes to check things out as well. Mr.Kohler checked out to be who he claimed to be with respect to his work history that was suspect in the manner Mr. Nancolas questioned his work history. Mr. Kohler was a professional motorcycle racer as well. The above photos are taken from a sponsor website. The local paper ran a bio of Mr. Kohler's work history in a fair amount of detail and we think the article should dispel any thoughts about him not being who he says he is.

THE GUARDIAN would like to see the local paper delve into the work history and background of our incumbent Mayor, Garret Nancolas for their readers to review. It was Mr. Nancolas who raised the issue of work histories at the election forum.

THE GUARDIAN does not endorse candidates but in this instance there is a rumor circulating in Caldwell that Mr. Kohler does not have the experience he stated he has. The IPT article has clearly indicated that Mr. Kohler indeed has the work history he stated in the public forum.


  1. Mr. Nancolas sold carpet before he was mayor.

  2. I was skeptical of Mr. Kohler when I first met him. Too young, not knowlegeable of our city, and what was his agenda. I have come to know Helmut as a very bright and knowledgable person who will make a fine mayor for Caldwell. He is articulate and can hold his own in a debate forum with the current mayor. I attended both candidate forums and it was refreshing to see the incumbents flinch at Mr. Kohler's responses. Mr. Kohler fufills all the qualifications to be mayor of Caldwell.

    Garret Nancolas has had twelve years in office and it is time for some new blood in this tired city. The city council needs some new blood as well.

  3. What is Mr. Kohlers background that gives him entree to the inner workings of Caldwell beyond the support of disgruntled downtown businessmen who are opposed to TVCC in downtown Caldwell?

    I support the current adminsitrations efforts and direction for Caldwell.

  4. Garret Nancolas and his city council are guilty of turning Caldwell into a bedroom community for Ada County.

    Voters currently have four energetic people willing to acknowldge the positive things done by Mayor Nancolas but they also recognize just how little has been done in the way of economic developement and job creation for our citizens.

    Twelve years of Mr. Nancolas as mayor and more than eight years of the incumbent city council is long enough. We need to consider some new blood and fresh ideas for Caldwell.

    Voters have two clear choices in this election. Continue down the same road or make changes via the ballot box. I hate the word change but it certainly applies to what is needed in Caldwell.

  5. I find it hard to turn the reins over to a 27 year old motorcycle rider. I am sure Helmet is a nice guy, but nice guys don't necessarily have the experience to run the city. Mr. Nancolas is very committed to the city of Caldwell and is involved year round unlike other elected officials who just show up at election time. The Mayor is very engaged in the building up of Caldwell, ensuring the budget is in check, and the plays a major role in getting many diverse groups of people onboard, including the Mayor's youth advisory counsel.

    I find it hard to believe that Mr. Kohler even knows enough about Caldwell or even Idaho since he has only lived here for about a year. His last residence as of August lists him living in NAMPA of all places - not even Caldwell.

    Furthermore I detest politicians how cater to ethnic groups just ot get votes. Mr. Kohler has changed his middle name to MARTINEZ to pander to the Hispanic voters - SHAME SHAME SHAME on you Mr. Kohler!

    While Mr. Nancolas is far from perfect, he is the best candidate we have and has done a very good job for the citizens of Caldwell.

    Make sure you vote on the TRUTHS not just because you hear what the opponet wants you to hear or just because you think change is necessary - the future of the city is on the line!


  6. Well well well, another Nancolas fan that thinks we shouldn't elect someone just because they are a nice guy. Well that is all I seem to read everytime someone puts something in the paper for Garrett. He is "Such a nice guy he deserves another chance". What has he done in the past 12 years that is truely deserving of 4 more years (which would make it 16 years total)? I don't care about opening of the Indian Creek and the YMCA, and the sewer plant. All good projects, but WHERE is the new business.

    I have watched Nampa put in a Costco, Target, Kohls, Old Navy, Best Buy, Wingers, TGI Friday's, Olive Garden, should I go on? Because I can and you can think of many, MANY more that Caldwell missed out on. Most recently Fred Meyer. Caldwell has the highest, yea highest unemployment rate of any major city in Idaho at 13%. How do you combat that? Bring in new businesses that is how. Something that "Team Garrett" know nothing about evidently.

    And as far as Kohler changing his middle name to Martinez to pander for the hispanic vote. SHAME SHAME SHAME on YOU. Do your research before you put stupid things on the internet for others to read. His mother is wait, wait, wait, MEXICAN, and her maiden name was Martinez. Giving the mothers maiden name to their sons as a middle name is something those of Mexican heritage DO. So lets see, Father of German decent = 1st name of Helmut, Mother of Mexican decent = middle name of Martinez, WOW we figured something out today.

    And lastly you state you want people to know "Truths" well Mayor Nancolas has been lying to you from day one of this election. But you can't see that because he is "Such a nice guy". Now is the time for some POSITIVE change in Caldwell, not the time to continue down this ever so stagnit road of NOTHING.

    Vote ALL challegers on Nov. 3rd so we can really move into the future.

  7. I am old enough to remember when Pete Cowles upset the incumbent mayor in the 1980's. He did it with a write-in campaign while the mayor was out of town on a fishing trip.

    What really happened was, people were not happy with the mayor at that time and this young guy of about 25 or 26 stood up and said he would do the job. By golly he got himself elected with write-in votes.

    What does living in Caldwell a lifetime have to do with anything? The ability to recognize all is not well is good enough for me. Nancolas has had 8 years on the city council and another 12 years as mayor to turn Caldwell around. He has failed plain and simple and 'TIME'S UP'for Nancolas. I am willing to see what this young man brings to the table for Caldwell.

  8. Have you ever listened carefully to our Mayor when he talks. He blathers about everything but the topic at hand, gives you very little actual information and everyone will applaud his speech about nothing.

    I have attended the chamber lunches when he speaks about the state of the city, the budget and other issues. He speaks very little to the topic at hand and will go off on flights of fancy and alliteration about all manner of nice things. He speaks very little about what he came to present to a given audience. Frankly, I would get more out of it if he would just sing to us.

  9. Heard a spot on KBOI today and Sean Hannity was talking about Obama talking a lot and not saying anything and has anyone ever heard anyone else do this.

    The answer is YES! Mayor Nancolas, he can't seem to get to the point in any of the presentations I have attended.

  10. I find it shameful that somebody is trying to smear Mr. Kohler for having the middle name Martinez... The maiden name from his mother's side is Martinez! What's wrong with paying homage to your heritage? Such an attack sounds like a bitter cynic who is afraid of something different.

  11. How dare Mayor Nancolas question the background of Helmut Martinez Kohler and try to discredit his work history. Garret Nancolas was a furniture and/or carpet salesman before coming into his term as Mayor. Of course Mr. Kohler's statements were verified and proven to be correct. BUT, what is Helmut Martinez currently working on?
    He is going to school full time taking 12 units combined from BSU and TVCC, he is working at Norfleet Development, as the Director of Energy Operations and is campaigning hard making every effort to meet the great citizens of Caldwell and let them know who he is and it is ok to vote for change, new ideas and new energy for Caldwell! Vote for Helmut Martinez Kohler on November 3!

  12. Anyone who comments that Helmut Martinez Kohler "is a 27 year old nice guy who rides a motorcyle" needs to do a lot more investigation and comparison. In a properly run Council-Mayor form of government the City Council runs the City with guidance from the Mayor. Helmut is an outstanding gentleman with terrific ideas and has the knowledge of the need to bring back the proper function of City of Caldwell government. You do not need to be from Caldwell to understand that. With the support of challengers for Council - Marlene Boucher, Karen Alldredge and Vince Sanchez there will be a team with plenty of Caldwell knowledge and background. They will put the unity, skills and vision in place to take Caldwell into the future. They will correct the currently "out of whack" city organizational chart. The citizens will be at the top of the chart, with the Mayor and Council under them. They will listen to the citizens, give businesses a voice and they will correct the focus to the critical need of bringing in economic development and jobs to Caldwell and working on business retention which the City and CCEDC have failed miserably at. Mayor Nancolas has had a priority of more parks with no additional staff to maintain them! We know the entire Treasure Valley Market Place should have been here and most recently we lost Fred Meyers and Home Depot. How many jobs has the Nancolas administration brought to Caldwell? How many have been lost?

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