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Friday, October 9, 2009

Caldwell Voters Have A Clear Difference In Challengers v Incumbents

The Chamber of Commerce candidate forum held at the College of Idaho last night demonstrated there are differences and choices for Caldwell voters this election cycle. The issues before the voters are TVCC downtown, Urban Renewal accountability and transparency, sprawl and growth management, economic development, and the collective records of the incumbents.

The candidate forum pretty much boiled down to if are satisfied with the status quo then vote for the incumbents. If you think Caldwell needs to move in a new direction with increased transparency and accountability with our tax dollars then vote for the challengers. We won't go into the questions asked at the forum as they are covered in the local paper.

On another note, yesterday, the Canyon County Commishes got off the hook on the citizen's jail lawsuit. Prior to the decision Judge Linda Kopple-Trout was trying to determine at which point the Commishes created a point of no return on the jail project for the taxpayers. The bond election for the new jail project made the lawsuit moot per the decision handed down by Justice Trout. The case is appealable to the Supreme Court and will probably hang on the success or failure of the jail bond election. If the bond fails there will likely be an appeal to the supreme court because of the millions spent with no voter approvals and the project will have created a debt, liability or obligation extending beyond one budget cycle for taxpayers.

THE GUARDIAN hopes readers will take the time to be informed on the issues and vote on November 3rd. There are certainly clear choices and differences on the issues this election cycle.

KIDO AM 630 will have Mayor Tom Dale on from 10:00 to 11:00 AM on Saturday 10-10-09 and Helmut Kohler on the next Saturday on the 17th at the same time. Mayor Garret Nancolas has declined all offers and dates to be interviewed on the radio.

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