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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wind Power Subsidy and FERC Will Cost Rate Payers

We learn today Wind Power is not a backup but a primary energy supply when it comes to paying the piper for power.  Wind generator owners won a dispute with with Bonneville Power Administration yesterday via the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Wind generators supplying power to Bonneville Power objected to being told to shut down when the Columbia River system is brimming with abundant water supplies and had more power than the grid could manage or export. Between mid-May and June there is more hydro-electric power available and the wind power simply is not needed nor is there any market for it.

The FERC ruling yesterday was based on the fact they lost government incentives when windmills were shut down because subsidies to this industry are based on actual power output.  Actions by FERC yesterday have set the stage for wind farms to go back to BPA and other power companies and collect back compensation.

In short, it is the rate payers of all the various power companies who will be on the line to pay inflated prices for power from alternative sources even when they aren't needed.  These secondary sources have become the tail wagging the big dog power companies.  Standby for federally mandated increases in power rates courtesy of FERC.

Here's a LINK to the Statesman AP story

Another LINK to Rocky Barker of the Statesman on this subject


  1. Just because there are no wind farms visible in the Treasure Valley doesn't mean you are not paying more for electricity. The electricity that Idaho Power buys from windfarms, waste to energy plants such as the one proposed for Ada County and even biogas produced from large dairy's with their higher rates paid for renewable energy, govt. subsidy's and tax breaks mean you are paying substantially more for your energy altho much of the true cost is hidden. The only ones really benifiting from what is called green energy are the developers and they are making a bundle. You would think IPUC would look out for the public but I am not sure that is happening

  2. Wind projects are causing the deaths of thousands of birds, bats, eagles and anything else flying in the vicinity of a wind farm. Those blades may appear slow moving but up close they are very fast moving. There is a good article on this in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday 12-10-2011.

  3. here's the link to the WSJ article on Wind Projects Killing Birds

  4. If anyone wants lower power rates everyone should do something that was strongly promoted in the 1970's TURN IT OFF! You'd be surprised how many unnecessary lights "burn" all night long. There is now an actual term for unnecessary lighting - Light pollution. Here is a link that talks about it. in the map at the top of that link one can easily see the Treasure and Magic Valleys of Idaho - look just above the "c" in association.

    IPUC act on behalf of the consumer will not happen. They claim they do, but repeatedly give Idaho Power (for example) their requests for increases and Idaho Power has a monopoly on most of southern Idaho.

    I am not certain the WSJ article is entirely accurate. Wind energy is a threat to coal and big oil. Industries the Koch brothers are heavily invested in. They have been known to pay scientists to blatantly lie on their behalf to protect their interests.

  5. Caldwell could easily power the Christmas light wonderment on Indian Creek if someone could figure out how to power the lights from all the methane gas and hot air generated by the Caldwell mayor and city counsel! INVENT!

  6. Using less energy is certainly a proven way to lower your energy bill. There is a point of diminishing returns however where a 25 watt lite bulb isn't really adequate. Testimony before the legislative committee on energy shows clearly that many of these alternative energy sources can not stand on their own without subsidys or receiving higher rates for the power produced. The question is are you willing to pay twice as much for your energy or make do with half as much so that General Electric and other big corporations can receive the subsidys and buy most of their equipment from China. The Waste to Energy plants being proposed all over the state fall into the same catagory. You WILL pay more for electricity if these plants go in.


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