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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ca. To Require Booster Seats 7yrs And Under

We learned today in the Wall Street Journal, starting January 1, 2012 all children under the age of seven years of age or under 4 feet 9 inches in height will have to be latched into a booster seat with all six points attached to the seat and seat belt system.  The fine will be $425 and a 1 point moving violation for the driver for non-compliance.

WSJ reported in the front page story 6 year old kids are putting up a real fuss over this new law.  Especially the one's that recently turned six.  It is taking all the cajoling and bribery mom and dad can muster to get their kids back into these very confining seats.

California is usually a few years ahead of the curve on social change and things like this.  We can only wonder how long before the insurance industry forces the issue in the Idaho Legislature.  It will be a boon to folks selling these seats.  Each kid will have to get one or more to comply with this new California law.

The Guardian is wondering if they came up with this law after visiting Disneyland.  Seat-belted rides have a sign where children have to be at or higher than the bottom of a sign posting height requirements for these types of rides.

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  1. I'm investing my money into these companies. Just think ! Everyone getting force fed another regulation. Seems like a sure way to make a ton of money off other peoples misery. We could sell these seats for $350.00 each. Hey, that's still less than a $425.00 ticket right? After all I remember a wise man named Bob once said the free market is always right and folks will just have to pay what the market demands for a product. I cant wait to see the money start rolling in!


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