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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Things You Should Check

First off The Guardian is not seeing much out there to talk about.  That said I would like to remind everyone about a few things you might not give much thought to until they fail.

First on the list are smoke and carbon monoxide detector battery back up and testing them to make sure they actually still work. Smoke detectors contain a small amount of radioactive material and need to be disposed of properly.

Second, Washing machine hoses.  These things fail all the time according to insurance company data and can flood your home with water in short order.  Water is the biggest enemy of homeowners.  These hoses should be inspected often and replaced ever few years. They don't leak, they burst when they fail, usually at the connector part of the hose.  Turn off the valves when you leave your home for an extended period of time.

Third, review your homeowners insurance policy.  Values have decreased and you might be able to save a buck or two with a coverage review.  A thing called a "deck sheet" is the meat and potatoes of your insurance coverage for your home as well as autos.
You may want to consider dropping collision coverage on an older car with not a lot of dollar value.  Rule of thumb on vehicles is damage over 60% is considered a total.

That is my list and you may have others to add to this.  It is a slow time of year for any news.



  1. Egad, insurance is something everyone should review. I had State Farm for over 35 years and when I checked prices for like policies I was paying 40% more for my auto and home policies. Companies are not all the same when it comes to prices you pay. I now make it my business to check and compare costs every few years.

  2. It's not a slow news time. What about BUJAK? Or Star? Or schools asking for more money? Or, what King Nancolas is doing on vacation on the taxpayers' dime? Or Canyon County? Saw where Buhler is trying to oust Ferdinand. Great fodder for introspect.

  3. Here's one in the works. We got word from a reader the new upgrades to 700 Mhz dispatch systems in Canyon Count and the brand new dispatch center in Nampa are OBSOLETE! Seems the Feds want to auction off the bandwidth to public bids. We know it passed the House of Representatives and have not yet confirmed if the Senate passed on this measure. These brand new systems will have a very short life for communities all over the country thanks to Congress.

  4. Also the Meridian school district has spent tens of thousands on a new digital radio system 3 years ago that they don't even use!

  5. How about the Nampa School District levy that they are trying to sneak on us in March of 2012.
    Voter beware.


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