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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dog at large and licensing issues for dogs a Misdemeanor?

It has come to the attention of THE GUARDIAN our fair City of Caldwell is contemplating making some regulations about dogs misdemeanors.

"1. Consider the DRAFT “Canine Licensing” Ordinance and set the public hearing date for 
Monday, October 17, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. during the Regular City Council Meeting. "  (Taken from October 3rd City Council Agenda)

  If your dog is unlicensed or at large in your neighborhood or any other issue you could be facing misdemeanor charges.  This means you will find yourself in front of a judge with all manner of ancillary costs for court costs, fines and possibly probation if the Judge deems it proper.  We have not seen the ordinance but we have serious reservations about the Misdemeanor aspects of the draft ordinance.

Dismantling of the County Animal Shelter operation into private hands has opened a whole list of things that will have to be enacted in Caldwell regarding animal control.  We got wind last week the County is probably going to hand over an animal control pickup truck to Caldwell as it has become surplus property. 

Without some kind of enforcement of animal control laws things can spin out of control very quickly.  THE GUARDIAN supports animal control laws but not as MISDEMEANORS.  This approach will do nothing but clog courts with petty issues.  Infractions are a much better way to deal with this aspect of dog law enforcement.  Dog licensing fees should go to pay for the program.  There is no better way to get a lost dog back than having the dog licensed.  It also assures the animal has been kept up to date on rabies vaccinations and the dog gets a "well dog exam" when taken to the vet every three years to get that rabies shot.

In the final analysis laws are no better than the enforcement on one side and the voluntary compliance on the other.  Do we want to make otherwise law abiding citizens criminals over dog licensing?


  1. Could not agree more. There are just too many dog owners who do not have them licensed but in fact are great owners and responsible people. You can't enact continual government control over the majority for the minority. In fact, there are other ideas for the pound to create revenue without this fee and since they are privatized, we have an opportunity to get creative

  2. There is no touchier subject than dogs and their owners. Mess with my dog and you are messing with me feelings toward their dogs. There are enough animal laws on the books and they simply are not enforced. A law is only as good as the political will to enforce it.
    I read in the paper the current operator of the Animal Shelter is asking for $65K each from Nampa and Caldwell to support shelter operations. Sounds like a reasonable request. Let's see if the body politic in Nampa will come up with the cash. Caldwell has a history of supporting the costs of Animal Control and $65K is a lot lower than what they have been shelling out.

  3. Well the cities got what they wanted. Each little kingdom can now regulate the heck out of it's residents. It should be real entertaining to watch them fail on this shoestring budget plan. The best part is, us folks outside the cities will no longer need dog licenses or have to pay your share anymore for all the operational costs. I will be laughing in six months when you are shelling out more than you anticipated because you couldn't see the hidden costs. Thanks for easing my tax burden fellas!

  4. Dog and Cat owners should pay for all animal control services as they are the ones causing the problem. I don't own pets so why should I have to pay for your pet? Non pet owners shouldn't have to pay a dime. 100% of the revenue for these services should be borne upon the backs of people who choose to keep pets in the form of licensing fees and penalties. If you are caught with an unlicensed dog or cat you should be jailed as a criminal and be heavily fined for not paying your fair share!

  5. Caldwell supported animal control? Yeah right.
    Your math is way off. Publish who spent what over the years and your tune will change. This fight has always been over petty city leaders wanting to be in charge. The same is true over the dispatching funding problem. You got what you wanted now deal with it. Can't wait until we have multiple independent, inefficient, wasteful dispatching centers again so each mayor can feel like he's in control.

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