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Monday, October 31, 2011

Kent Marmon Candidate for Caldwell City Council Response To Guardian

I am offering all candidates one last shot at getting information about themselves out to voters prior to the Nov. 8th election.  Kent Marmon is the first to respond to this offer.  Again, THE GUARDIAN DOES NOT ENDORSE CANDIDATES but anything I can do to get more voter participation in the process is worth the effort.

I am a candidate that the Idaho Press-Tribune didn’t even mention – good, bad or otherwise – in their endorsement editorial on Sunday.  I’m Kent Marmon, one of the three candidates running for Seat 4 on the Caldwell City Council.

Unlike the candidate they endorsed I:
ê am a native and life-long resident of Caldwell;
ê have been actively involved in volunteer service activities all my life, giving back to
    my community;
ê owned and operated a small business, so I understand their challenges and needs;
ê have served as a member of the Caldwell City Council, and was a member of the
    Finance Committee, responsible for drafting the budget (during lean financial times),
    that was unanimously approved by the Council;
ê have tackled complex projects including finding a solution to the woes of one of the
    several Irrigation Districts, working to find a workable, long-lasting solution;
ê know the limitations placed on city government by state and federal governments,
    and would not make campaign promises that can’t be kept when authority to make
    many of those changes must be approved by the Legislature;
ê understand that property taxes can’t be lowered at the same time that “debt” is being
    paid off without cutting services or programs that the people of Caldwell want;
ê believe that City government is expected to provide more than just fire and police
    protection, clean drinking water and sewage treatment services;
ê understand that some “regulations” can’t simply be removed by the City when they
    are set by the Legislature, Congress and by International Fire and Building Codes;
ê know that you can’t fund animal control without mandatory licensing or by creating a
    line item in the budget that everyone has to help pay;
ê am opposed to a City Manager form of government, where the administrator is not
    accountable to the people.

You can learn more about me, and what I have to offer the people of Caldwell by visiting my website at  I welcome questions, comments and suggestions by email at, or by phone at 841-3850.

I hope you’ll let me go to work for you by electing me to the Caldwell City Council on November 8th!  Don’t let an Editorial Board made up by mostly Nampa residents convince you to “rubber stamp” their choices on Election Day!

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