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Monday, October 3, 2011

Justin Harrison Running for Nampa City Council Seat

Election day this year is Tuesday November 8th.  You can vote early clear up to the Friday before the election date at the County Elections Office 11th and Chicago St. in Caldwell.

Mr. Harrison is employed by Idaho Water Sports and is active in trying to keep Lake Lowell open to boaters and recreational use.

THE GUARDIAN received the following information from Justin Harrison who is running for City Council in Nampa:

Common sense objective decisions based on rational thought. That will be my platform. My opponents will say that I don't have the Knowledge and experience that I need. During my years as a master mechanic I learned that it impossible to know everything. Anyone that tells you they know it all, doesn't. What is necessary is the ability to find Information, process it and make decisions based on rules and facts.
 My mother and grandmother were born in Idaho. My dad was a licensed backcountry guide here for 40 years. Although I wasn't born here, I have hunted Idaho all my life. I love this state and will do my best to keep it "Idaho Style". I moved to the Treasure Valley in 1990. I have worked in Nampa for 8 yrs and lived here for five.
I am going to start a list of bullet points regarding my thinking. If anyone has a question for me, feel free to call 208-695-4471. Thanks, Get out and VOTE!

All political positions should have a 2 term limit.
Career politicians should not exist.
Nampa needs a 6 chair council.
Lake Lowell and recreation are top priorities for me.
Government should not compete with private business.
I love sports and competition.
I coached softball for over ten years.
I am not afraid to say what needs to be said.

Thanks, Justin Harrison


  1. Other than a cross dressing transvestite, I'll vote for anyone new. These old men need to go. They'll all come out bashing the money that they spend on things like the new police station, idaho center etc. But they had a hand in it. A new city hall is coming, a new library is coming, mandatory recycling programs, major upgrades to the waste water treatment plant has been threatened too. All of these without voter approval but backroom shenanigans. The only thing being built these days is what the city leaders ram down our throats while buildings on both sides of it are boarded up. Does that seem ironic to anyone but me? BV

  2. I want to know what your stance is on the out of control spending by the police department and their exorbinant salaries. New building, Union controlled and demanding ever higher salaries and benefits, a chief who harasses his officers till they sue the city. What are you going to do about that? Tell me what you are going to do about it if you are elected.

  3. Really enjoyed Mr. Harrison's comment on hard work and being pennywise about the Nampa city budget. Over the past ten years there have been to many create a position, positions formed and put into place, what a waste of the taxpayers money. Was watching the city utility workers at work the other day, three guys leaning on a shovel while one guy did all the work. Guess some of those guys need a bigger paycheck to purchase a larger size belt to hold up their trousers.

  4. I sure hope that Team Tom, and the council of three does not get some bright idea to attract a business from Red China to locate here in Nampa.
    Don't want no corporate socialism here.


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