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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mayors, Property Taxes, Rubber Stamp City Councils And Endorsements In Sunday IPT

We have watched over the years as the Idaho Press Tribune has routinely endorsed incumbents seeing no need to change business as usual but that is not the case this year.  It was surprising to see who did and did not get the endorsements from the IPT this time around.  The Editorial Board has endorsed candidates who they feel will best deal with reduced tax revenue going forward, Mayors who have stacked the deck on their city councils with "rubber stamp" members, and question big dollar projects taken on without voter approvals was also addressed by the IPT Editorial Board members.  Business as usual has clearly been called into question by the IPT this time around.

The IPT Editorial Board did a lot of vetting of candidate statements and information and the issues facing voters this time around.  They even nailed down the property taxes paid by property owners in terms we can all understand.  Caldwell has the highest rate at $11/$1k of assessed value with Nampa running a close Second Place in this effort at $10/$1k of assessed value.  Why is this important?  Simple, Meridian and Kuna are out there at $7/$1k of assessed value.  Mayors Nancolas and Dale can sing their little hearts out but the cold facts of business decisions  take Caldwell's 57% and Nampa's 42.8% higher property taxes into account when deciding where to locate their businesses.

Here's a LINK   to the IPT Opinion Page Sunday Edition.

(I have to confess I am a print news junkie.  This Sunday seeing endorsements for people running against incumbents was a pleasant surprise.  It takes a lot of time, money and effort to run for any public office and to see the paper endorse the folks running against the status quo made my Sunday morning just that much more interesting.)


  1. Todays IPT editorial page was a suprise to say the least. I have long said this valley would be a great place for a newapaper and it would be nice if someone would start one up. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope .

  2. Yes, hats off to IPT. It was quite refreshing to see this apparent change of heart regarding incumbents and excessive spending.

  3. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. If it has to sit there long enough, it WILL drink.

  4. It's about time the Idaho Press Tribune FINALLY got an understanding of the insanity of their insistance to continuously endorse incumbents!! Too bad they (IPT editorial board) didn't realize the great need and importance of bringing new intelligence and ideas to Caldwell for the last mayoral election, including the ability to then change the other 3 council incumbents along with Nancolas. Caldwell would now be a couple of years ahead, with new leadership in those positions, making much wiser economic and quality of life decisions for the citizens of Caldwell. However, as they say it's "better late than never" to finally figure it out... Best of luck to all the challengers!!!

  5. Seize the moment Nampa. The end of the free for all era of run away city government is in check.
    On November 8 the voters will decide if they want the checkmate. People, get out and vote for Mr. Kren and Mr. Henry and make the checkmate happen.

  6. The reason I stopped taking the IPT and refused to read it was because they were always printing their agenda instead of printing the news and facts so I could make up my own mind as to what to think. Their endorsements are still their agenda but at least they provided readers with some solid facts this time. It has just taken ten years for the IPT to wake up.

    I agree that our city governments of Caldwell and Nampa are out of control and have been for a long time. There is no question we need new Mayors and council members. The Reason Bob Sobba is not running again is because the rest of the city council members just rubber stamped everything the mayor wanted. One Caldwell councilman spends most of his time in Hawaii and attends the council meetings by calling in on the phone long distance from Hawaii. Caldwell deserves better than this. Our state constitution has been tossed in the trash by these two mayors ever since they became addicted to urban renewal money. No one has voted on a building project in either town, and there have been plenty, for several years. No two thirds majority vote required any more. The Mayors just ignore the taxpayers responsible for the cost and spend our money they bleed off through urban renewal. Don't forget our republican state legislatures who will all tell you they are for limited government created urban renewal


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