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Friday, June 10, 2011

TVCC Coffee Shop Operator Will Not Renew "Lease"

Espresso/Deli Café Space Available

Caldwell Urban Renewal Agency seeks interested parties to lease a turn-key Espresso/Deli Café in the TVCC Building located in Caldwell.  Interested parties who respond by June 17, 2011 by 4:00 p.m. will be considered.  Responses may be mailed or delivered to , 117 South 9th Avenue, Suite #6, P.O. Box 668, Caldwell, ID   83606.

The above was attached to the Caldwell Urban Renewal Agency minutes.  Taxpayers put up nearly $100k of their money to provide the operator of this facility with a turnkey operation.  The idea was the synergy of the students at TVCC would provide a captive market for this operation.  The lease was structured as a percent of the gross receipts...HOW COULD THIS FAIL TO MAKE MONEY?  Very simple, college students don't have any discretionary money to spend on coffee and food served in restaurants.  

TVCC and students attending the Caldwell campus were going to bring "synergy" and critical mass to downtown Caldwell. We can only hope the Urban Renewal Agency finds another operator for what appears to be a food service operation without adequate customers to keep the doors open.

Our informal survey of downtown business operators indicates TVCC has brought no new business to downtown Caldwell when speaking to various business owners.

Editor Note:  One Guardian reader has offered the current operator is in bad health and the change of operator is a result of this situation.  Also, given the short notice on this RFQ for a new operator there is only one person who has applied to operate the coffee shop operation at TVCC Caldwell.


  1. G.A. says..
    There may only be one person who has signed up for consideration to operate this coffee shop. They have taken great pains to keep the bidding low key and buried the notice in the legal ads in the paper.

    It has all the trappings of a hand picked operator to replace the current lessee. A turn key deal like this deserves to be a more open and equal opportunity to apply for this job.

  2. I dropped in to check out the coffee. Rude clerk handed me a paper cup and told me to get it myself. I emptied the "house blend" pump pot and got 1/3 cup of lukewarm coffee. I have not returned because of this pitiful experience, maybe they were having a bad day, most government backed outfits seem to lack good service. Have you been to the Caldwell Post Office lately?

  3. Tuff times for the coffee shop, but does this mean that the college hotties are hanging out at Verns and the Waldorf. A silver lining for downtown Caldwell, maybe, like the "Good old Days.

  4. Is the mayorial daughter bidding on the opportunity to be operator of this entity or has she just left town for "greener pastures"

  5. Perhaps cold mango drinks and hot Postum on the menu would work!

  6. Why would Roger want to lease the coffee shop when there is no income coming in?

  7. This coffee shop failure is the shape of things to come for the rest of this city building.
    The oppressive property taxes of Caldwell will keep any private investor out of here, as long as the community elders keep the taxes high, nothing will change.
    I feel like a Starbucks coffee.
    Hot Postum!


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