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Friday, June 17, 2011

Motor Grader Memo and Lease Purchase Terms

Here is the Memo on the Motor Grader Purchase.. this time around the deal will comply with the strictures of the Idaho Constitution.  The City will pay the carrying charges until the next budget year and will pay the full purchase price in one budget year.


  1. I am sure that if the City did not get their new motor grader and had to make due with their 1989 clunker even if its had a major malfunction and was of limited or no use, that down the road a few years much less money would have been spent in this regard and the taxpayers of the city would be better off. What do these jerks think the rest of us are doing. Most of the projects the city crews are working on would not be missed except by those on the city payroll working on them. More restrooms would be needed if we knew what some of this crap costs on a per project basis.

  2. Repairs in excess of the value of the (old) grader? What does this mean? Who determined this? The Motor Grader salesman? Was it CESCO?
    Was it Caldwell's genius mayor? Where has the old grader gone? Did CESCO take it in on trade? I will give the City $1,000.00 over what CESCO gave the city! IT COST MORE TO FIX THAN IT WAS WORTH? Was a burrito stuck in the heater? The old one looked pretty good!
    If it was their money and not the taxpayer, I am sure it could have been repaired. 20 year old motor graders are not worthless or worn out!
    I am sure CESCO will make a killing $$$$$ selling this old motor grader!
    Reply to this blog and we can make arrangements for me to pay the city $1,000.00 more than trade in, Mr Mayor! This may seem like chump change to you Mayor, but there are a lot of Caldwell folks that are really hurting financially. Your high taxes are getting hard to pay!
    Oh yea, I forgot, your paycheck is never late and never bounces! What an easy night sleep you must enjoy!

  3. The cost of repair on the old grader would be around $28-30k per Caldwell Public Works Dir. Brent Orton. The problem is with a gear box that articulates the blade.
    Transmissions on cars and trucks are routinely rebuilt. In fact you can buy rebuild kits for Light trucks for around $250 if you are willing to do the job and have some mechanical skills.

    Of course there is the issue of how many hours in on this piece of equipment. We went to EQUIPMENT TRADER ONLINE to see the value of the current grader and it would sell for around $30-40k used.

  4. One additional comment on the motor grader deal. I suggested a competent mechanic with an arbor press could probably fix the old unit once defective parts were identified. Mr. Orton said they plan to keep the old one for use in snow removal due to the blade articulation issues it will still work for that task.

  5. Good Grief! If the city didn't buy a new grader or they didn't fix the old one then they would have to lay off the driver and hire out the work requiring a motor grader to an independent contractor or just not do the work. They would then have to have extra City Council meetings to figure out what to do with all the extra money so it wouldn't get carried over into the next budget year. There must be somewhere in Utah a motor grader junkyard exists, (how about on Desert Wind Hwy in Elmore Co. ID) where they can get a blade articulating tranny. I have fixed heavy equip before myself and I don't by the 28K fix as the only option. However in the Dukeduume of Caldwell such such an idea is heresy.


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