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Friday, June 10, 2011

Canyon County Corruption Continues in City of Nampa

Canyon County Corruption Continues

This time it is a Nampa City employee, but the pattern of government thievery apparently continues in Canyon County.
Nampa reports discovering $30,000 missing from deposits made on behalf of the city prior to March. The Ada County Prosecutor is investigating…since Nampa has had its own problems with a deal at the Canyon prosecutor office.
In recent memory we have reported on two crooks at the Canyon DMV office making off with a combined total of over $600,000, the sheriff’s posse bookkeeper stealing cash, the prosecutor pocketing cash, and other public employees terminated for dipping into the public honey pot.
The logical question is this: “Are there more crooks in Canyon local governments or do they just get caught more than in other jurisdictions?”


  1. That's a lot of money, I'm glad that whoever did it got caught, but what is this deciding to press charges statement all about, and not releasing a name unless charges are made deal that they got going here?

  2. I wonder how many of these gov't employee embezzlers have flown out of the coocoos nest and nooobody caught em. Maybe stronger return springs on the cash register drawers would help. Internal control issues have cropped up in the audit reports for both the City of Caldwell and CEURA for several years (they are online read em), but the obvious remedy our leaders come up with is Pepto Bismal or Ex Lax, for unmentionable internal problems you know. If we were only getting what we think we are paying for. (that's a prayer).

  3. Give this a little more time and see what develops.

  4. Sounds like just a matter of a thief is a thief.
    The employee's defense is a real laugh. If she has a public defender, why is he wasting his time and the taxpayers money on this sob story.


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