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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guv. Otter Self Storage Purchase A Mistake

Guv: Storage Business Purchase “Was A Mistake”
Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has withdrawn his support for a controversial Land Board decision to own and operate a commercial storage business.

The GUARDIAN revealed the state ownership–which competes directly with the private sector–in an EXCLUSIVE story last November.
Otter told the IDAHO REPORTER his support of the decision to invest in the private retail storage business was a mistake.
“I think that was a mistake. But, I’m the first to admit it. I sat right there and asked a bunch of questions about it. And, it’s not a mistake we’re ever likely to make again.” At the time of the decision the Guv’s office issued a STATEMENT defending the decision, noting it was made at a public meeting. They just forgot to tell us it “slipped by.”
Otter also told the REPORTER that he now prefers the state stay out of “direct competition” with the private sector, such as with the storage unit. “You know, that was just one that slipped by. Because I’ve heard from enough, I’m not going to tell you which board members, but I’ve heard from enough others that just said, ‘You know that was a mistake, we shouldn’t have done that.’”
While the GUARDIAN agrees with the Guv and others who think government should keep out of private business activities, it will be interesting to see how they spin this latest development. Otter says there are others on the Land Board who share his views.


  1. Where did the Guv get his advice from ? Nancolas?

  2. Yes, of course. I'm agree on your point. Your information is too much useful for people in order to fulfill their requirements. Keep up posting more.

  3. I disagree and think that the government can succeed in private sectors, examples like Toyota prove that when done right, government business ventures can succeed and become profitable.

  4. note to London..
    Toyota uses US operations largely as an assembly site. Meanwhile back home in Japan they produce the parts and pieces for Toyota autos and trucks for the most part.

    Back in the days I did a lot of traveling I was enlightened to see how much more things cost in Japan than they do in the USA. Same item produced in Japan will cost you less in the USA for most things.


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