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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Grumpy Guardian Government Gripes

Its silly season with the legislature in town making us all proud to live in Idaho and see these folks for what they are.
Here are some recent gripes:

–Senators were spiteful and fool hearted when the voted to change their rules for one day, just to keep former Senator Nicole LeFavour off the floor. LeFavour didn’t even know she was allowed on the floor.

—-We have no complaint about citing the gay protesters who blocked the senate entrance. No different than any group blocking a sidewalk or roadway. State police should be applauded for the manner in which they handled the arrests. No push and shove or pepper spray. No handcuffs. They merely asked each protester to go upstairs where they were issued a ticket.

–Some legislator wants to make it legal to discriminate under the false guise of “religious freedom.” Basically the bill would allow people to not follow the law if it was for religious reasons.

–Then there is the candidate for Guv who wants to allow college kids to carry guns on the campus. However, they can’t take them into the dorms or facilities seating more than 1,000.

–Another legislator wants to change the constitution to knock the Attorney General from the state Land Board.

–Meanwhile the state controller fritters away $27 million with questionable investments from cities which were commingled with state funds and they want him to be a member of the Land Board.
And not to be outdone…

–The State Land Board, Jerome County Commishes, and Twin Falls City Councilors are all in a pissing contest about how many and which current daredevils should be licensed to celebrate Evel Kneveil’s crash into the Snake River. That story was as big as Chobani selling poisoned Yogurt.


  1. Inaccuracies abound on these sites. It was not the state controller who frittered away $27 million, it was the state treasurer. Is it really that hard to be accurate?

  2. Perhaps people will be going to the polls this year in significant numbers (probably not if history is any indicator) to get rid of all the vermin populating our elected offices at the state and local level. I for one can't wait to vote NO! on the school bonds. It used to be these were for supplemental issues like maintenance and repair. Now with all the bloat in the admin offices and just too many school districts they want more money when we can least afford it. I say consolidate schools and school districts, get rid of the administrative bloat and quit taking taxpayers for granted expecting more and more money from us.

    1. And yes, exterminate the vermin and infestations in "law enforcement"(police forces, prosecutors, and corrupt and inept court officials and judiciary).

      Records are packed and jammed with "irregularities", misconduct, failures to follow Idaho Code, dailies to follow Idaho Criminal Rules, lack of common sense, repeated abuses, repeated Color of Law abuses, and so forth.

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    1. Hi Steven, you appear to have a deep seated sense of being wronged by cops, judges, prosecutors and others connected with the justice system. If you have concrete evidence of this backed up with facts, documents and proof, I say bring it forward and share it with all of us. But if all you have is opinion and no facts to back it up you don't have much credibility. That said, I am going to limit your comments unless they have the evidence to back up what you allege.

  7. Passing that guns on campus bill is the most crazy radical fanatical bill that has been passed and signed this year. Sure I am pro-second amendment, but a bunch of untrained kids with guns acting as some kind of hangnail militia; no-way. They are not trained for those types of situations.


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