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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Former Nampa City Councilor Sentenced to 12 Yrs.

(Boise) – Robert J. Schmidt, a resident of Nampa and former Nampa City Council member, was sentenced today for insurance fraud, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden said.  Third District Judge George Southworth sentenced Schmidt to up to 12 years in prison, ordered him to pay $47,639 in restitution and to take a behavior modification class.  The court suspended the prison term and ordered Schmidt to serve 90 days in jail, placed him on probation for 12 years and ordered him to start making restitution payments of $500 per month on June 1, 2014.  The judge also issued a no contact order preventing Schmidt from contacting any of his victims in Ada or Canyon County.
Schmidt, 54, a former Treasure Valley insurance agent, pleaded guilty on November 21, 2013, to one count of insurance fraud.  By pleading guilty, Schmidt admitted that he diverted more than $47,600 in insurance premiums for his personal use from the following:
  • Safe Ride Solutions - $25,192
  • Multi-Home Care Services - $9,000
  • Rocketchun Holden - $8,735
  • Nampa Babe Ruth League - $3,821; and
  • Lenny Chow - $889
Insurance fraud is a felony that impacts all Idahoans.  Anyone who witnesses or suspects insurance fraud is encouraged to contact the Idaho Department of Insurance at
The case was investigated by the Idaho Department of Insurance and prosecuted by Deputy Attorney General Rondee Blessing of the Attorney General’s Insurance Crimes Unit.


  1. How is he going to repay $500/mo. if he is locked away for the next 12 yrs. I guess we wait to see if the Judge lets him out on work release or maybe they are going to take his property and sell it off to the highest bidder to satisfy the court order.

  2. 90 days in jail then probation

    1. I missed that and focused on the "up to 12 yrs. in the pen. Now we get to see if he can live up to the terms of his sentence. His job as an insurance broker is over and now what?

  3. This is the 3rd person connected to the Tom Dale era to have major legal problems and or serve jail time. Poor choices produce poor results.

  4. If he earns a law license he can push the jail bond again and run for Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney!!

    Around $110,000 per yr plus many " side" bennies!!!

  5. "Better Call Saul" because he can never hold a law license as a convicted felon. Which reminds me, I wonder if all the guns have been taken away from Mr. Schmidt?

    1. Saul received his law degree from the University of American Samoa maybe Robert can go there.

  6. And why would anyone in the CCPA be held accountable, in any way???

    It would be a first!

    Hell hath frozen over!!!!!

  7. Any wagers that Bujak will do more time than this moron connected to Nampa and prior Mayor Tom Dale?

  8. I hope and presume that this nitwit will never hold an insurance license again!!!!

    And, let us all hope that Bujak will never hold a law license again after this is all said and done!!!!!!

    But, remember, we are dealing with so-called "law enforcement professionals"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, they "take care of their own", so to speak!!!!!!!!!


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