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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Early Voting for School Bond Elections Going on Now.

You can early and absentee vote for all the various school bond elections until the actual polling date of March 11, 2014.  The County Elections Office is located at the corner of Chicago and 11th Avenue in Caldwell.  You can reach the Elections Office at 454-7562 if you have any questions about hours of operation or other information about where your polling place will be come election day.

Be advised the County Elections Office will closed next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 25-26, for elections training.

Millions of your property tax dollars are up for a vote. 


  1. I have to say I am going to vote NO on the school bonds. Nobody has said what the money will go for except to bolster pay and benefit issues. Next, I would offer that more money has not been proved to raise the quality of student performance. We voted another penny of sales tax to go to schools not that long ago. I also have issue with all the school districts and administrative overhead in all these districts. The bonds will probably vote due voter apathy. You can count me as one NO vote.

  2. I am very concerned about the number of kids on free lunches. Not just in Caldwell but almost everywhere you see pitches for more money for schools they throw out the number of kids who are on the free lunch program. Add to this the food stamp or SNAP program and earned income tax credits. We are a country of the working poor with the middle class getting pulled from the bottom and the top 1% to pay all the bills. I am not sure how I am going to vote but we are in the business of social welfare everywhere you look.

    1. Here is my concept. The middle-class are being pulled down to the level of the working poor, and the top 1% wealthy good ole boys and girls want to have absolute power and control over the rest of us. In their eyes we are no better than slaves and servants.

  3. The obscenely rich people of this country have one view of everything presented to them. "What will the tax implications be" they could care less about anything else. Meanwhile, I agree the middle class are being sucked down to the levels of the working poor. I am sick and tired of the great give-away programs that benefit the bottom end of society at the expense of the middle class with little or no contributions from the filthy rich.
    I will not be voting for this bond election, mainly because they can't explain what the money will be used for beyond inflated pay and benefits for teachers and administrators. History says this bond election will pass anyway.

    1. Kind of makes one wonder about the agenda of the filthy rich. These give-away programs create a weak, lazy, dependent society. Just the type of society with no motivation to strike back against the filty rich.

  4. The question not asked in all of these bond elections is why school districts can't live on their property tax supported income along with what they get from the State. I have to live within the limits of my income why can't they do it as well?

  5. 1) Urban Renewal is sucking property taxes away from schools police and fire. We need to kill Urban renewal promptly.

    2) Unfortunately, just because we say do more with less doesn't mean they can actually accomplish it. If your house payment is $900 a month and I tell you I can only afford to give you $700 a month, is there any reasonable way you can still pay your house payment? No. You have to restructure your debt. The school system does not have that luxury. At the end of the day there are still X number of students.

    We need to either find a different way to fund schools other than through property taxes or get Urban renewal off the teat so to speak.

  6. Urban Renewal does indeed suck away needed tax dollars away from funding that would go to schools. One way would be for the benevolent dictators of urban renewal to voluntarily send those tax dollars back to schools and they adjust their budgets accordingly. If you look at all the new homes built inside Caldwell's URA it is easy to see why this needs to happen. People who live outside the URA must fund the building of schools, staffing and maintaining of new schools. The only exception to this would be bond elections for schools and then all the people participate in that funding.

    Urban Renewal is killing our communities with things we do not need and would not pass muster at a bond election. The best examples would be TVCC in Caldwell, all the money poured into Sky Ranch in Caldwell, Nampa Police Building, Nampa Library, the Idaho Ford Center. and the list goes on and on all over Idaho.

    A few unelected people get to sit and decide what our tax dollars will be spent on and then we all get to pay for this stuff. It is wrong but the real problem is most people do not understand where URA money comes from. If we didn't have urban renewal I can only guess if we would be having this bond election.

  7. Don't forget to get out and vote on school bonds tonight. Additional funds schools have received from Idaho Lottery per Idaho Lottery website:

    Caldwell School District
    FY13 Amount: $382,342.00
    Total Since 1990: $6,178,194.39

    Nampa School District
    FY13 Amount: $886,874.00
    Total Since 1990: $12,588,405.56


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