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Monday, October 22, 2012

Weeds On I-84, IDT Won't Mow

THE GUARDIAN contacted Mayor Nancolas regarding the visual blight as well as the safety issues posed by weeds in the center divider and along the sides of I-84 hoping he could have some sway with Idaho Transportation Department in this matter.  Here is what we got back from Mayor Nancolas:

"We have again contacted ITD and they stae that this will be all they do for now. They assert that even if they mow the weeds, the cut weeds present the same hazard.  They also assert this is the directive of the new Director!!"

Perhaps the financial settlement with the former ITD Director, Pam Lowe has cut into the state highway maintenance budget.


  1. Fill potholes or mow weeds. Ummmmm I'll take pothole filling first please. Budgets are limited these days due to a poor economy. We asked them to cut and that's what they did. This is a consequence of those cuts. I think our fire department could do a little controlled burning down the median twice a year don't you? Or maybe the chain gang could swing a few sickles and cut it down. But I sure ain't gonna complain because taxes went down and they have less money to throw away. Lets find the solution within our own community.

    1. As I understand this, it is a turf issue. IDT "owns" the freeway rights of way. The city nor the sheriff inmate labor people can do anything w/o ITD approvals.

    2. So get approval. You saying they won't? Doesn't hurt to ask.

    3. Mayor Nancolas sent me an email today stating IDOT would be cutting the weeds in the near term. What that means is anyones guess.


    4. Just an update. I have spoken again with the District Engineer from ITD and explained my concerns from a Code Enforcement standpoint. He understood and committed to have the weeds cut within the City Limits of all cities within his jurisdiction. He could not give me an exact date, but said he would assign the work to be done.



  2. Thanks for the update on this critical issue. Please.


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