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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Un-Named Developer $450K Caldwell, $7MM Nampa

It has been reported to THE GUARDIAN the same developer who wants to do a senior citizen project in Caldwell with the help of $450k from Caldwell taxpayers is the very same developer who is grabbing for the brass ring in Nampa to the tune of $7 Million.

The number of $450K is common knowledge in Caldwell and the site of the project is rumored to be the old Sundowner Motel.
 In Nampa it is the old Mercy Hospital. One astute reader of the sparse financial information noted the units in the Nampa project would cost north of $130k each before the building and ground is purchased based upon the $7MM the "developer" wants up front.

THE GUARDIAN is openly wondering why this developer and his local projects are not more transparent and costs to taxpayers more open for discussion.  One reason is the involvement of Caldwell and Nampa Urban Renewal districts.  They answer to nobody for any of their actions or expenditures of public tax dollars.


  1. I think a more lengthy explanation is in order here, I mean what projects are we talking about and who is the developer. Is this a senior center?
    The old Mercy Hospital is so full of asbestos they closed the senior living center there saying it would cost almost more in abatement than the building is currently worth.

  2. Nothing will change in Nampa or Caldwell unless and until the Mayors are replaced with ones that truly represent the best interests of their respective citizens. We deserve what we have had in Nampa because the only competition to run against Tom Dale has been a freakish transvestite named Melissa Sue Robinson who couldn't get elected to any office even in Boise much less Nampa. We need a fiscally conservative replacement for Tom Dale in office before Nampa is turned into another Washington D.C.

  3. Unfortunately you are not going to get a fiscally conservative republican. Why? Because Mayor Tom is a republican, and the party is going to back him in the good ole tradition of business as usual. The only way you are going to get him out is to vote for a democrat or independent for one term which would open the door for new republican blood the next term. Either that or clean up the corrupt mess that is the republican party in Canyon County. Your choice.

  4. Brad Henry is a republican. Do you even follow local politics or are you just writing from a Democrats' view in general?

  5. One would think our so called news media would show some interest in how our money is spent. A headline something like Local officials refuse to allow a vote on the spending of $50,000,000 to $60,000,000 of tax money would seem in order. But I guess that is too much to hope for.

  6. Right now, the republican party is adrift in the sea of corruption of greed and ill got and gain, both locally and nationally, I mean look at who their candidate for president is. It is not my mom and dads republican party any more. It is going to take a combination of the good of all the political groups to get us out of this mess.

  7. Resolution for creation of a new Urban Renewal District, the Historic Mercy Hospitol area is on the Nampa City Council agenda for Monday Nov. 5th.


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