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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

County Will Get $10.4 Million When Caldwell URA Sunsets In 2014

Caldwell East Urban Renewal will sunset in 2014 and nearly all the cash from diverted property taxes save what is owed for  bonding debts will go back to local taxing districts.  Canyon County will get $1.3 MM a year for the next eight years for a total of $10.4 Million.  The plans for spending this cash are already in the mill.

THE GUARDIAN received a copy of the plan and here is a summary of
"Option 1":

1.  Consolidate Nampa Annex Court in Caldwell Courthouse

2.  Relocate 25,255 SF for Commissioners, Treasurer, Assessor and Development Services to lease space and renovate vacated space for Courts.  A new building is going to be built in the current parking lot in front of 1115 Albany.  This will eat up a substantial portion of the $10.4 MM

3. Construct a new 45 bed Juvenile Detention Facility on site adjacent to existing Juvenile facility. Cost will be something less than $1MM.

4.  Old juvenile facility to become an adult women's detention unit.  Costs to be determined.

5.  Tear down the existing maintenance shop and combine this into the Fleet Complex area.

Anyone interested in the full PDF of this is welcome to ask for it via a public records request to Canyon County.  You will need to ask for ... Canyon County Government/Justice Facility Master Planning Presentation Materials dated Friday, January 20, 2011.  It is a power point program with 40 slides and over 6 mb in size.  Here's a link to the County website page.  Use the County Commissioners records request and not the one for the Sheriff


  1. This PDF File should be available for a download without the records request. It is a shame the commissioners still have no clue in "era of the internet" to use the medium for better transparency. Odd though that their meeting minutes are somewhat available on line. Simply put: Politicians who cannot understand the internet should not be in office, the era of dumb and stupid (computer illiterate as some cal it, which makes them proud) should long be over and you should leave office NOW!

  2. After the school bond election results and the pea brained logic the city should divert Urban Renewal money to Canyon County after the URA closes, will insure the tax levy rates will continue to rise in Caldwell like the sludge level in a plugged septic tank. I do believe the powers that be in Caldwell will eventually try to Milk a Bull.

  3. Wow...maybe this urban renewal isn't so bad after all. This is all new tax dollars generated by urban renewal projects? Crazy!


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