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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Caucus Night for Republicans Tuesday March 6th, 2012

Just a reminder for those who wish to support a candidate for President.  No more voting in the primary for a Presidential Candidate in Idaho.  You will have to go to the Idaho Center (depending on where you live) to join the fray in a caucus effort to arrive at a candidate for President.

Please bear in mind the doors will close at 7:00PM sharp by someones official time piece and late comers will not be allowed to enter.  So this means you need to get there by around 6:30PM and lay claim to your seat.  It may be a night fraught with all manner of confusion given this is the first time for this kind of event in Idaho.

It is too bad Idaho Repubs. have gone to this format to select a Presidential candidate as it will exclude a lot of people who rely on voting at a local polling place.  It will probably take several hours to get this process completed and the usual voting in a primary election is pretty much a quick effort at a local polling place.  A caucus cuts a lot of people out of the process like deployed service members, disabled and those who simply can't dedicate several hours to this effort.   On the plus side candidate ads and trips to Idaho have been noted.

Late note:  It was noted in the IPT today they will not be closing the doors promptly at 7:00PM but at some point they will close the doors and get things underway tonight.


  1. Replies
    1. Picture a clock in your mind, focus on "12" and "6" the two parties want to focus on a couple of minutes either side of these two numbers. Meanwhile, independents are in the huge area between "12" and "6". They are the group to decide who actually wins elections.

      Right now there are two big issues for most folks, JOBS AND WARS we can no longer afford. We have an economy and debt structure in this country that impacts every single one of us and even grandchildren not even born yet in a negative manner.

      I want to hear about Jobs for the jobless, Congress to do something about the wars and debts that are going to ruin this country. You take in a dollar and you can spend a dollar. There is no way to spend our way to prosperity. Conservatives talk about a free market but the reality is the game is rigged by Congress and special interests in the USA today.

      The financial party train we are all on is going to run out of track sooner rather than later and it is going to lead to financial ruin and we will have a real mess on our hands. I am amazed at all the people who are content to raise taxes, borrow money and party on as the do nothing Congress continues to be rigidly partasan in all things.

  2. Is this real? had not heard this before. I did overhear someone talking about it at a local restaurant and they were upset since the only way you could get into the event was that you are a registered republican. If this is actually the case then the GOP have proven themselves to be the pointless idiots they truly are and want to control the vote. What next? Jim Crow laws perhaps?

    1. Welcome to "The Peoples Republic of Idaho".

  3. Lets face it, caucus's are cheaper than elections for the taxpayer and if it weren't for the caucus a second primary election would be necessary for Idaho's delegates to be selected at a relevant time like Super Tuesday. Second, I don,t recall Idaho's delegates ever pushing a presidential candidate over the top, but it's nice to feel important.

  4. It is the first time Idaho citizens will be able to vote directly for candidates that will eventually run for President against whomever the Democratic nominee might be. The convoluted backroom deals by the elite in Idaho plitics will take a backseat. You should take advantage of this opportunity where your vote will actually be counted for a candidate

  5. After the result of that caucus I am going to have to bite my lip and vote for Obama. Romney's got the appeal of a dish of cold mashed peas.
    Keep the Ron Paul movement going.


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