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Friday, July 8, 2011

Canyon Insider on Bujak Caper with Commishes

Every once in a while we get a comment that is worth a stand alone post on the CALDWELL GUARDIAN.  Today we received the following comment from "CANYON INSIDER":

"I see that now the bankruptcy trustee has sued the county for a million bucks.  Steve Rule told me that you would have to pay back $171,000 to the trustee, but I never expected a one million dollar price tag.  And this does not even include Bujak's 25 million dollar lawsuit that you know is coming down the pipe.  How much have you paid lawyers to pursue Bujak?  My best guesstimate is close to $100,000 and you haven't even scratched the surface.  There is still discovery and trial.  You are going to pay more than $300,000 for a shot to get $300,000 from Bujak?  Let's use some common sense and do the math here.  It looks like to me the longer you fight the more of our taxpayer dollars you are going to waste!  David Ferdinand is quoted in the paper as saying you intend to fight.  To what end?  Bujak has nothing except the money he is going to get from the county.  There is no way you can win this fight.  If you can't win a fight, don't fight it!
Commissioner Alder, you have been quiet through most of this.  I am hoping that means you agree with me and are being silenced by your fellow commissioners.  Please take a stand.  All you are going to do by fighting is make a bunch of attorneys, including Bujak, very wealthy at the taxpayers' expense.  Get Bujak and the trustee to the table and settle this mess!  Stop the bleeding!  This whole situation is looking more and more like Vietnam."

Editor Note: A couple of months back I asked for the cost to the county for litigation of Mr. Bujak and the figure given to THE GUARDIAN was $83,000.00.  It may be time for the Commishes to declare victory and walk on this matter


  1. I agree... I understand wanting to get the taxpayer money back but at what cost? They'll end up using MORE taxpayer money. They should have never let this happen in the first place.

  2. Hopefully someone interested in running for one of the two offices up for re-election this fall, which is Ferdinand and Rule, will see this as the best opportunity to send these two incompetent gentlemen into retirement. These two should be very vulnerable if the local media will keep this Bujack issue fresh on the minds of voters.

  3. Both Ferd and rule went bankrupt before seeking office to service the Canyon County taxpayer. I am quite surprised that these gents have done as well as they have! It could have been worse!

  4. What is it in Canyon County that attracts the gaggle of incompetent, attention craving gadflies we see in public office.

    We have the Mayors of Nampa and Caldwell who are essentially nice people but far from competent to hold the office of Mayor.

    A Prosecutor and candidates before Bujak who had declared bankruptcy, Two of our Commissioners have gone bankrupt. (Is this a requirement for public office?)

    What does it take for competent people to step up and run for public office? We have the Mayors of Nampa and Caldwell spending millions and millions of taxpayer dollars telling us what a good deal all this is for taxpayers. City Councils who appear deaf, dumb and blind to the plight of taxpayers and look bored to death at city council meeting. I forgot to mention they are also for the most part unprepared for the meetings as well.

    Lastly, there is an unbelievable level of citizen apathy about how local government is managed or should I say not managed and resources wasted.

  5. In response to citizen apathy: The people in this local area are stretched to the max in their individual financial arenas. When the people of a community are spending all of their time struggling to survive, attention to local political matters is not the main priority. Our local dictators like it this way. The middle class in this area really need to dig down deep in themselves and rise up and resist what these local leaders are doing.

  6. The problem with running for public office is at any given time 50% (give or take) of the public do not like their elected officials no matter who they are. Candidates for public office are scrutinized clear back to the time they were kids. They an their families are put under a microscope by the media.

    I would like to see government run cleanly and efficiently and transparently as we can make it. What we generally get for candidates are: people who have no ability to manage a multi-million dollar entity, people with personalities that crave public attention and approval, people who are likable but incompetent without a set of credentials and track record for holding pubic office.

    Public apathy, evidenced by disgracefully low voter turnout for elections, has a lot to do with the mess we find ourselves in today. I take voting as a serious responsibility and a right of CITIZENS that has cost much blood and treasure.

    The older I get the better I understand what has gone into making the USA what it is and what we should all stand for as Americans.

  7. Have you paid attention to the candidate that has announced that he is running for a Nampa City Council seat. He hasn't said who he is running against yet, it might start to get interesting. My lady friend knows some people that know him, they say he's a knowledgeable person. Hope he chooses the right one to run against and unseat. Make it a 2-2 City Council.

  8. I am inclined to say lets oust all these incompetent nincompoops holding office today.

    But I am left with the nagging question, what other nincompoop is going to step up to take his place?

    Are these idgets the best we can hope for? God I hope not. City/County manager form of government please. I want a professional, not a bad businessman who filed bankruptcy, running the show.


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