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Thursday, July 7, 2011


The Caldwell Guardian received his public records request today on CITY OF CALDWELL RESOLUTION 89-11.  This resolution authorized 58 paid hours away from the job for all City non-union employees.  Here is the text of Resolution 89-11:


     BE IT RESOLVED that the Mayor and City Council of the City of Caldwell, Canyon County, Idaho, be and the same hereby, are authorized to grant up to 59 hours of paid time off or, as approved by the Mayor, equivalent pay to full time regular municipal employees, part time regular municipal employees, police department employees, and appointed officials that are currently employed during the period of October 2009 through September 2010 (excluding fire department union employees) and set and effective date of July 6, 2011.

     WHEREAS, the Mayor and City Council recognized that the above referenced employees have been required to take on additional workloads due to layoffs and unfilled open positions. In addition, these employees have met their performance requirements and said employees have received no annual pay increases since October 2008; and

   WHEREAS,  the City of Caldwell reached an agreement with I.A.F.F. Local 1821 to compensate each member in the amount of $1105 and the Mayor and City Council desire to extend up to 58 hours of paid time off to other City employees that were not eligible of this compensation; and

     WHEREAS, the City of Caldwell employees are required to use this paid time off prior to September 30, 2012 or prior to separation from the City.

     PASSED BY THE CITY COUNCIL of the City of Caldwell this 5th day of July 2011

     APPROVED BY THE MAYOR of the City of Caldwell this 5th day of July 2011"

 The GUARDIAN is going to let readers draw their own conclusions on this resolution.



  1. Vacation, sick leave, paid holidays and now another week and a half of paid time off. Yikes! City employees could be potentially gone for well over a month and a half and still get paid for a full year.

    I would not mind getting some of this action but when my coworkers packed their boxes during several downsizing episodes we who survived had to suck up their work as well as ours and for fear of getting cut said nothing and tried to make it all work. We never saw a dime of increased pay nor did we get more time off with pay for good behavior.

    I really am getting tired hearing about public employees complaining about low pay. If they don't like it they can hit the bricks and find out how the other half lives.

  2. If Nana Colas had to support himself and his family in the private sector, they would starve to death!
    What a DUD!

  3. How does appointed officials pay equate to 1100.00 bucks for 59 hours off. Their pay is probably 40.00 an hour plus which is way more. Maybe they should have given the equivalent of time off up to the 1100 dollars per individual.

  4. Typical Government. Wealth creators get the shaft while wealth destroyers take what rightfully belongs to us. Government jobs are just another form of socialism. Can anybody really point to anything at all that the government sector produces that is beneficial to the working class? Every Federal, State, County and city worker should be absolutely ashamed to collect a check at our expense. Frankly it's not hard to spot the dead weight in our society. Just ask, have you EVER worked for a government entity? If they answer yes, they are no better than overpaid welfare recipients who contributed nothing in return for what they were paid.

  5. Typical Tea Party nonsense. Yes it's true Teachers, firefighters, health care workers, policeman and other government workers do not create a tangible product that you can buy or sell. They do however provide services the public demands of it's government. To call these dedicated workers "Dead Weight" and a drain on society shows the idiocy of the whole libertarian and Tea Party movement. Poor baby, you have to pay taxes. Well so what. So does everyone else. And yes, just because you are probably a little more well to do than others, your tax burden is probably a little higher as a result. I do not pity you greedy selfish people one bit. Pay your share and man up.

  6. Ashamed? All government employees are responsible for the state of the economy, higher taxes and all your woes? Or are you singling out your scapegoat? Wall Street was responsible for this mess. Yes that's right, greedy Corporate America was. The private sector businessman. Not the mailman, the fireman, or the teacher. But keep reinventing history if you'd like and keep singling them out to heap all your hate upon if it helps you feel better about yourself.

  7. No question the recession was fueled by greed. I would offer it had as much to do with people who were buying things they knew they could not afford and did not care they were spending more money than they made (hmm.. sounds like the federal govt). They used the false equity in their homes like an ATM card. The bubble broke and those who threw caution to the wind are just as guilty as the greedy bankers and loan underwriters who threw caution to the wind. What we see today is the new normal and owning a home is not what is best for everyone or the economy. Real Estate is no longer the place to invest your cash as long as banks carry worthless home loans on their balance sheets as assets.

    I have a hard time understanding the logic of paying firefighters $1105/each due to a union contractual requirement and how that applies to all city employees. With the real unemployment rate around 20% (lots of people are not looking for work anymore) city employees are among the more fortunate people in this economy. Frankly, I am hearing very few public employees whining about pay issues except the firemen who have managed to cut themselves a very nice slice of the public tax dollar pie. I think the firemen need to step back at take a long hard look at how most of the people in Caldwell have to live these days.

  8. What I read in the press tribune was that the firemen let the city out of their obligation to the contract saving the citizens of Caldwell 180,000.00 dollars a year of ongoing cost. Funny that the mayor didn't say anything to the press about that and leaving everyone to think that these greedy firemen are all about the money instead of telling all the facts of their arbitration. Typical for a politician to only speak half truths.

  9. Caldwell fire department has never let a basement burn to the ground!


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