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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Republican Platform Plank HJR 5 Fall Election

Here is an excerpt from the Republican Party Platform for this year for your consideration as we move toward the November election.  There are two amendments on the ballot that will further reduce or restrict voters rights to vote on debts of hospitals and airports in HJR 4 & 5.

Constitutional Amendments:

1. We have one of the most protective Constitutions in the country with regard to providing the citizens the final say before local governments can incur debt or liability beyond what can be paid for in a single year. This has protected the Idaho citizens since the founding of our state.

Recent efforts to reduce the protections of Article 8, Section 3 by local governments that seek to devise a way to remove the requirement of a public vote before long term debt or liability is incurred is one of the most alarming proposals our Constitution has ever faced. Such a change would open the floodgates of overly optimistic projects that would be paid for by escalating fees paid for by the citizens.

We oppose the incomplete ballot question on HJR005, as it is different than the text of the amendment itself. We demand that the Legislature never again present amendments to the people unless the ballot language is identical to the language of the amendment. (emphasis added)

We hold our Constitution highly, and oppose its amendment unless an     overwhelming  need is thoroughly proven."


  1. I don’t understand why any Republican would vote for this oppressive legislation. However, a lot of things with so called conservatives in this state leave me confused by their actions.

  2. Why would anyone grant more power to any government entity? They are all out of control and have marginalized citizens at all levels.

  3. Republicans have control of both houses and the governor's office and they all tell you they are for limited government when they asking for your vote . So tell me how did we end up with urban renewal that violates article 3 section 8 of our constitution and takes the taxpayers out of having any say on how their tax money is being spent. Do Republican Politicians really lie?


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