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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Commishes Should Read the Tea Leaves of Election Results

Canyon Fails Miserably On Jail Bond Vote

Wednesday, August 4th by David R. Frazier

Canyon Politicos who just wouldn’t take NO for an answer got their lunch eaten Tuesday when voters turned down yet another attempt at a jail bond.

This time around county officials and a well organized group of supporters were humiliated. When the tally ended at 10:35 p.m., jail-bond advocates had captured 43 percent of the vote – and they needed a two-thirds super-majority. The opposition finished with 57 percent of the 14,590 votes.

Dirty politics could have created a backlash among voters when the County Fair allowed PROPONENTS to have space for a booth while denying OPPONENTS at last week’s fair. It was well covered by the GUARDIANS and legacy media.

Editor Note:
 The Commissioners and Sheriff need to read the tea leaves of the election results and get the NO people into the tent.  If they simply run the same product/project in another election the results may be even more lopsided.  A lot can be said for intellectual honesty in dealing with voters.  They can smell a bad deal better than they were given credit for in this election.  

The lopsided majority who voted down this project need a seat at the table and a voice in this matter.  Commishes need to be intellectually honest about what the operational costs are and where the money will go with a well defined alternative project and site.  They ask and we get to decide, consensus building has been absent from the political process from day one in 2006 with the Jerome property project.

Hats off to everyone who made the effort to vote YES or NO despite the confusion about where to vote and the inconvenient distances this election put on a lot of voters.

Regards to all,


  1. Paul

    I agree with your coments . I hope the commissioners are paying attention to what the voters have said. If not I also hope that qualified people will step forward at election time. We need represenatives who pay attention to the will of the voters and not their own agenda.

  2. The paper today has a article by a College of Idaho prof. Jasper LaCalzai (sp). He explains the need to bringing the people who said NO on the jail bond to the table to work out a plan people would accept.

    Also, above the fold front page of the paper is an article on the Sheriff using the work release tent for prisoners at the jail.

  3. The jail bond election result begs an interesting question. If our commissioners are so in touch with the will and needs of the people they represent, how is it they put up $30,000 plus on such a misquided vote?

    Perhaps this group of wizzards need to keep their ear to the rail a little closer and after the passing of the next train we will have no more of this folishness.

  4. A scary concept in the first paragraph of the
    Editors note is they now acknowledge they have a jail in the Big Tent on Chicago Street. As a NO person I certainly would not want to give these folks the idea that this is the Tent they need to get us into.

  5. Hey Angie,
    Tell the commissioners and the rest of the Canyon
    County bureaucrats who pushed so hard for a new jail, that the taxpayers can't afford and don't want higher taxes, make do with what the county has.
    The bureaucrats are out of touch with the real world. Foreclosures are way up, many jobs are gone, housing construction has almost stopped, county and state tax receipts are down, the taxpayer is tapped out, with a real threat of a double dip national recession. The feds have the interest rates beat down to nearly zero, older folks that saved and depend on interest from this saving, to live on, are now eating the "seed corn". These folks and the unemployed and "under" employed are having a hard time paying their bills and don't need more taxes.

    The bureaucrats get paid every payday. Their benefits and pay are among the best out there.
    If they dispute this, I invite them to quit their government job and go out and look for a job in the non government sector. I doubt there would be any takers. Some of these guys have bankruptcies and other financial "oddities" in their past. They aren't the best in dealing with money in a responsible manner, but they are what we have elected. Time to hunker down and show some respect to the folks that put them in their cushy job. Angie,ask them what they are going to do after their government service!


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