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Friday, August 13, 2010

Feds Are About To Sink All Boating At Lake Lowell

The Feds are trying to eliminate the following activities at Lake Lowell:
Non-priority Public Uses²include, but are not limited to the following:
• Biking
• Dog-walking
• Geocaching
• Horseback Riding
• Jogging
• Kite boarding
• Motorized Boating
• Non motorized Boating (canoeing, kayaking, sailing)
• Personal Watercraft (jet skiing)
• Picnicking
• Swimming
• Water skiing/tubing
• Winter activities (ice skating and other ice activities,cross-country skiing)

Lake Lowell is estimated to bring over $20 million into the local economy over the year.  Closure of all the above listed rights and activities and more, the Feds can think of, is not pleasant to think about.  This is a public resource that is in danger of being closed off to the public by the gestapo tactics of the Federal Government. 

Lake Lowell was built as an irrigation impoundment and it needs to stay that way.  Farmers depend on the water and locals like to use it as a recreation amenity for boating, picnicking and fishing.  This will be taken from us if we fail to act by voicing our collective thoughts and inputs on this Federal grab of a local resource we have had access since the place was built.

What to do now? Write our Congressional Delegation via their websites and let them know how you feel about this takeover of a recreational resource for Canyon County.  Let the people at the refuge know how you feel via an email to their website at the Deer Flat HQ. 

The Federal closure of Riverside Drive almost happened.  It was citizen outrage that put a stop to that bit of hysteria. Your opinion counts. Here is a link to the Deer Flat website  Deer Flat Link


  1. Lake Lowell is not a natural lake, it is man made as is the Deer Flat National reserve. the Feds want to stop irrigation from the lake but that is why it was constructed for in the first place.
    In 1902 Reclamation Act authorizes establishment of U.S. Reclamation Service, now the Bureau of Reclamation, to irrigate western lands. Survey for location of Deer Flat Reservoir conducted.1906 Work begins on the upper and lower embankments. 1909 Outlet channel at Lower Embankment completed and water turned in to Lake Lowell from New York canal.
    The reserve was not even there until the lake was constructed. This is nonsense for a man made lake.

  2. This nutty, the goofy people at the refuge want to shut down boating on a man made lake but stil allow it on the snake river which is part of the refuge as well.

    Who turned these whackos on us and who apporved this goofy mandat? This is a darg good topic to ask the people running for office.

    This is just another example of our government out of control and we need to not let them bully us on this.

  3. The Refuge link shows there is an Open House to get information about the future planning of Lake Lowell this Friday Aug. 20th from 10am to 6pm, and Saturday Aug. 21st 10am to 3pm. It also says that groups can request a presentation by the refuge staff and voice their opinion. As the parent of a Caldwell High School Cross Country runner, I feel this would be huge blow to all our local schools who have meets at the refuge. When I say "local" I mean the entire Treasure Valley, because at one point or another most of the middle schools and high schools come to a meet at The Lake. The Treasure Valley as a community should be insulted by the this entire idea especially since so much money has been spent in the past few years to improve the parks and roads around Lake Lowell. No matter if your a farmer, fisherman, boater, runner, horse rider, dog walker, wildlife watcher. I hope we can all work together to stop the insanity of the Federal Goverment.


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