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Monday, August 23, 2010

All In The Family Time

We learned today Caldwell City Councilman Rob Hopper will be the new IT manager for Canyon County.  Mr. Hopper also serves on the Caldwell East Urban Renewal Agency Board in addition to his new position with Canyon County.

We wish Mr. Hopper well in his new job with Canyon County.  The job pays $85,000 plus benefits.  New eyes on issues an opportunities to improve county services are always a welcome bit of news to all of us.

Also serving on the CEURA Board is County Commissioner Steve Rule.  This will be an interesting mix now that Mr. Hopper is a newly minted county employee.  Link to county press release  Hopper Hired


  1. I just don't know what do say...

  2. Lets see how long it takes him, to mismanage fund on a county level like he has shared ownership on the city level. With all the disatified people in caldwell now he can spread the wealth with all the county.

  3. Is this not a conflict of interest? Paul, any comment?

  4. Mr. Hopper will certainly have to walk the line and recuse himself at even a hint of a conflict of interest.

    We are resonably certain more than a few people will be watching what goes on over time.

  5. Canyon County is pulling a Boise City by blocking your page. The wage slaves get their news from approved sources now it seems.

  6. It is true. you cannot access your site. The IPT should be contacted. You can access CNN and Fox News, but no Caldwell Guardian?

  7. We will have to assume the Commishes do not wish people to have access to THE GUARDIAN via county computers.

    New players using new rules at the courthouse. Hopefully, everyone still has access to the legacy media and the local papers.

    Becareful who is watching where you surf on county time and computers. You have no assumed right to privacy while on the job.

  8. Funny how they only block some news sources and not others.


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