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Saturday, September 26, 2009

TVCC How Much Pork Do They Need From Caldwell

THE GUARDIAN has received several calls from the private developers in the Caldwell area about TVCC and it appears TVCC is a bride with many suitors.

First, we had the photo-op groundbreaking out at Sky Ranch Business Park for the TVCC project in August of 2008. Urban Renewal land at 4.13 acres and developer to build the building. The deal caved in on itself when bankers learned the tenant (TVCC) was not the entity who was going to pay the rent. It looked shaky to the bankers structured this way. The developer lost his financing as TVCC was going to occupy a 60,000 square foot building virtually rent free. Urban Renewal was going to pay the rent for five years for the TVCC Bride in waiting via a subsidy by Caldwell taxpayers.

Second, this past week, THE GUARDIAN learned of yet another fantastic offer to the deciders at TVCC. This site was 21st and Chicago in Caldwell. The developers this time around were going to build a 30,000 plus square foot structure for TVCC. The deal was at no cost to Caldwell taxpayers or TVCC and the building would be on the tax rolls. The deal did stipulate a lease payment of $12/square foot. TVCC declined this offer for new digs.

Third offering is Plan B from Urban Renewal and the City of Caldwell after the false start at Sky Ranch. The deal is to build downtown at taxpayer expense for the deciders of TVCC in the hopes it will be an economic engine for downtown.

How can private enterprise compete with free stuff from Team Garret and Caldwell taxpayers? Free land, free rent can be a strong incentive to take a building they know is inadequate.

More stuff is floating to the surface regarding TVCC and Caldwell operations. There are some people floating the notion TVCC returns $1MM a year back to the Oregon operation. A freedom of information request yielded that $325,000 a year goes back to the Oregon Campus. The amount gets divided into 225K to the general fund for distance education and $100K for a building fund are what went back to Oregon this year.

Mayor Nancolas and the Chairman of Caldwell East Urban Renewal admit the facility that will go downtown is too small for the needs of TVCC before the place even gets built but it is full speed ahead with Team Garret on a fairy tale exercise for TVCC at Caldwell taxpayer expense. The answer to this is ..."We'll just build yet another building for them when the need arises."

Millions are about to be spent on TVCC for a downtown project for TVCC, and Oregon based community college at Caldwell taxpayer expense. We have to ask why no advisory vote to Mayor Nancolas and Chairman Waite of the Urban Renewal agency. Their answer is they are not seeking bonding for the project so a vote is not necessary. We already are taxed at the maximum allowed for College of Western Idaho and this redundancy seems wantonly wasteful of Caldwell taxpayer money without voter approval. Mayor Nancolas and Mr. Waite of the Urban Renewal agency have done everything in their power to circumvent a vote of the citizens of Caldwell on this project.

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