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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Text Amendment Gets Green Light, TVCC Will Go Downtown

Caldwell Planning and Zoning Commissioners met last night and approved a text amendment to the Caldwell East Urban Renewal Agency plan. The text change clarifies the equality of of the terms educational facility and college.

The next steps will be to acquire additional properties in downtown Caldwell to meet parking requirements and construct a 30,000 square foot building that will be used by TVCC. The urban renewal agency is in the process of making offers on additional property for parking needs and the TVCC site.

Heard in town about the latest acquisitions about to transpire are everything from the LUBE SHOP east and south of Indian Creek to Blaine. Also on the table is the first of what may be many ordinance changes to the downtown ordinance to allow surface parking withing 150 feet of Indian Creek and other variances. Parking changes are in the hands of P&Z staff per Mr. Waite.

Finance Director, Eljay Waite also spoke to the eventual need for two sites for TVCC in Caldwell. Meanwhile the Sky Ranch Business Park site and $150k in plans remaining in limbo. Mr. Watie said "someday we may build out there". The TVCC site downtown will be at 6th and Arthur on the H&H Heating property once it is purchased from the Hardy family.

Also, brought up at the P&Z meeting was the matter of letting the public weigh in on TVCC for Caldwell. Mr. Waite shared with those in attendance there were not going to be any revenue bonds issued, therefore there would be no advisory vote of the public on this expense by CEURA. Earlier this year Mayor Nancolas indicated in an article written in the IPT an advisory vote for TVCC would take place. No costing data was released by Mr. Waite at the P&Z meeting for the TVCC project as it moves forward in downtown Caldwell.

A lot of old buildings are going to get demolished as this process moves forward. Probably not a bad thing in this respect. Too bad the Urban Renewal people can't seem to let the voters in on their big buck expenditures

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