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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TVCC Force Feeding To Begin September 14th

Team Garret and the Urban Renewal crew are ready for the first step in "force feeding" TVCC down the throats of all Caldwell property taxpayers.

A special meeting of Caldwell Planning and Zoning has been scheduled for September 14th at 6:00 PM September 14th to modify the Caldwell Urban Renewal plan to permit TVCC to move forward in Downtown Caldwell. Mayor Nancolas has a photo-op scheduled for the 19th of September at the Indian Creek Festival for everyone to take pictures of sleghammers swinging at old buildings. They want to start breaking ground the first of October before the Mayoral Election this year.

Team Garret is poised to spend millions of your tax dollars on a project that most of the downtown business owners we spoke with do not want TVCC in downtown Caldwell. THE GUARDIAN has spoke with several on this subject and the concerns are parking and if they build it there will be no room for any growth. The project is perceived by these people as a feeble attempt to show progress in downtown without regard to long term viability and enhanced economic development in downtown Caldwell.

We as citizens will get no say in the expense of this project and are getting it shoved down our collective throats with no debate, input or vote on this matter. Mayor Nancolas and Urban Renewal have done everything they can to circumvent any voter input on this project.

No question in the minds of Caldwell business owners, economic development is a priority for downtown but not this project and not without their input.

Foie gras anyone?

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  1. "Most" downtown business owners?
    A pretty all inclusive assumption by you, Mr. Guardian. Have you gone door to door and taken an opinion poll?
    You're telling me that bringing 600+ people downtown 5 days a week is a bad thing?
    Me thinks you oughten to ask the restaurant owners first about that one.
    Parking problems?
    Downtown Caldwell hasn't had a parking problem for over 30 years, you know when it was still kind of thriving.
    OK, Mr. Guardian. Let's say the current administration had done nothing in the last 8 years. Do you think the downtown would have done better?
    Possibly more Pawn shops,bail bondsman, low end bars and Mexican restaurants (these are good businesses however how many can you have in one small town?)
    I'd rather pay taxes on urban renewal than new jail facilities that the county is considering 2 1/2 miles north of town where there were NO utilities readily available(water,sewer,garbage, gas lines, power lines and infrastructure (roads))and guess who gets to fund that one? There are plenty of open spaces and/or delapidated properties within 1/4 mile of the current location that could have been purchased for way less than building a new "FEMA" style detention camp. Somebody either got or is going to get rich as a result of the citizen "steering committee".
    I say build TVCC and build it now. If it doesn't work then we can always lease it to the county for a new jail and we still save money.


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