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Thursday, April 23, 2009

District Judges and Commishes Exchange Words Re: Termination

The Guardian learned three District Court Judges, the Trial Courts Administrator, County Prosecutor and the Commissioners exchanged words over the recent termination of the Juvenile Probation Director.

Not only was the Director terminated but the Commishes said they were taking over the responsibility for Juvenile Probation as well. Circumventing the Trial Courts Administrator as well in this matter.

Justices Kerrick, Culet and Ryan met with Commissioners over what they view as a violation of procedures and a power grab by the Commishes. A couple of weeks ago the Director of Juvenile Probation was called in and terminated. She was thanked for her 19 years of service to the county with no recourse.

The termination was done by going around the Trial Courts Administrator who was the direct supervisor of the person in question. All of this is a turf issue as the Judges are paid by the State of Idaho, their staff is paid by the county. Their chain of who is in charge of who gets tangled. The County Clerk is the go between for the Judges and the Commishes.

It will be interesting to hear the recording of this meeting once a copy can be obtained. The three Justices are highly agitated over a violation of their turf by the Commishes.

This all looks like the opening salvo in a protracted dispute between the Commissioners and District Judges.


  1. Sounds like deja vu all over again with the prosecutor running the show for the commissioners. The commissioners enjoy telling everyone in the courthouse that they are the ones running the hole show elected or not. Ferdinand likes to think of himself as the top hog boss.

  2. Paul: When inflated egos and a lack of education in the workings of the court, especially, juvenile probation, you get the typical cost the taxpayers, as only the lawyers win, mess. If I were the the Duke's and Duchess of Canyon County, I would be working on reducing taxes through efficiency and accountability. Glenn O'Dell, Melba

  3. Would be nice if some of the commissioners would return phone calls. when people leave 3-4 messages


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