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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bidding war for Job Service Building

EDITOR NOTE: One reader made a great distinction between the "county deciders" and the school district:
1. The School Distirct raised their money via a super majority bond election and patron approval.

2. The "County Deciders" simply overtaxed all of us and asked no permission to spend our money on this building.

THE GUARDIAN has determined the Commishes earnest money offer and announcement they purchased the Job Service building out by Larry Miller Ford is smack in the middle of a bidding war. The purchase on this property has not been completed , nor has the illegally purchased Jerome property been sold.

The other suitor for the Job Service State property appears to be the Vallivue School District. The County Deciders have upped their offer on the Job Service Building to who knows how much more than the original $1 million. So, if the deal ever gets done, we as taxpayers will be in this one for well over $2 million by the Grand Opening Day.

Nice set of circumstances for us taxpayers...a state owned property in a frenzy of offers and counter offers by two taxpayer supported government entities. Real estate folks have to love this deal. More of your property tax dollars get spent no matter what happens when this bidding war is over.

THE GUARDIAN would like to think that the County Deciders will back off and let the school district have the site. The real need for license offices is in downtown Caldwell and Nampa.. given the long lines at the current location serving entire county. However, it looks like the "schoolyard bully boys" at 1115 Albany are going to let us have it their way.

Will they be after school kids lunch money next?


  1. The school has money that was raised by way of a bond election. The commissioners are spending money that they over taxed us for to buy this property and bid against the school district. No bond election approval on any of the money these clowns are spending. They are loaded with our tax money and they are spending it like drunk sailors on a liberty leave. We have to get these commissioners out of office as soon as we can. Everyone go and vote May 27th in the primary election and get Rule and Beebe out of office.

  2. How about Ferdinand, do you think he can be convinced to stay in DC. Maybe he could find a job as a gun lobbyist. Where is Steve Symms?

  3. Beebe is leaving on his own, I think he sees the hand writing on the wall. He plans to run for state Rep. We need to get rid of and vote out of office Rule,David Yound and Chris Smith, they have to go. They are buying,spending and taxing us to death. A million here and a million their, pretty soon you are talking about real money$ ..

    Idaho Ranger

  4. My friend Joe told me that his girl friend told him that, the commissioners will not approve any purchases any of the other departments want or need to make.They budgeted for those expenditures.

    The commissioners have the money in a bind at the county, because they have purchased lots of land and buildings out of the current budget and not have sold the property that they told everyone would be easy to sell.

    It seems that they are willing to steal the other departments money. They have squandered taxpayer money over the last several years. The sheriff is the only one that get to spend money for his projects and toys.

    Hey paul, lunch money, piggy banks,salvation army, widows, nursing home patients ,,, They are not above taking money form anyone or from any thing to get their selfish ways.

  5. The county currently holds the deed to the vacant block to the south of the subject property. They could build an architecturally designed building remembering that form FOLLOWS function. Consult with the MDV employees (you know the ones in the trenches every day) and they could give important feedback that could be integrated into the design trying to assure that everything would work smoothly. The rule of thumb is that retro-fitting cost twice as much as new and takes twice as long.

    OR...sell that property to the Vallivue schools and they build exactly what they want with the same thinking as above....

    AND then use that money to build (retrofit)their new MVD....


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