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Friday, March 28, 2008

Work Release Fees Increased by Deciders

THE GUARDIAN has learned the commishes have engaged faulty demand curve thinking in their logic on Work Release fees. Raise the fees and more people will come to us for this sentencing option. They met this morning with the sheriff and they all entered the "CONE OF SILENCE" to confer on this matter. Nobody from the public was there so it was a slam dunk approval to move from $20/day to $25/day. They will meet Monday to ratify this cerebral decision.

You would like to think that with about 100 empty beds they would entertain lowering the cost so that more people would take advantage of this sentencing option. They have just raised the fee $150/month to a new cost of $750/month for people that are staying in the Work Release Program. Most of the people that are in that place did not get there by adhering to the law. But most of them don't make much more than $1200-$1500/month before taxes are deducted from their pay stub. It will now be cheaper for Daddy to stay in the locked down jail to serve out his sentence.

We now get to see what the impact, if any, will be on the use of work release due to the new higher fees.


  1. yes you make a good point that the people in the work release center do not make enough to even take advantage of the work release center... but the decision to use that program is completely and totally theirs!

  2. its hard enough to keep my aparment and pay all of my bills. then to pay at the old prise of 20 dollars a day for work realise. iam not out selling drugs beating up on people. i happend to lip up on my licens and got into trouble. my bad. raisind the prise to 25 dollars is not the best choise. your going to find that their is going to be less people taking the option of work realise. the reason just cant afford it. also the immats at the center are working and all ready paying in to it with there taxes. less people means in a year or two the prises will go up again. the county is shotind them selfs in there own foot.

  3. Work release program pays for itself.

    Costs have gone up.

    Should the prisoner pay the difference or should the taxpayer?

    I vote you pay the cost Mr. Prisoner.


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