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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bullies at 1115 Albany Win Job Service Bldg.

The IPT will have the coverage of the bidding war for the job service building in the Good Friday edition of the paper.

The Idaho State Lands Board awarded the Commishes the building. Too bad for the taxpayers of the county and those hoping for better service on the licensing deal. We have now gone from a horrible location at Midtowne Plazza to simply inconvenient to most everyone in the county with this non voter approved purchase of the former job service building.

It is frustrating as a taxpayer to hear this news as the highest and best use for that building should have been for a continuation school.

The "Bullies" aka our County Deciders really blew a P.R. opportunity to be gracious and back out of this deal but decided against what was the right thing to do. We will have the opportunity to voice our approval or disapproval of what these guys have done over the last couple of years come this May at the ballot box.

In the meantime, prepare yourself for some happy motoring to the Larry Miller Auto Mall area to conduct your Canyon County licensing business and whatever else they deem necessary to move out of the current courthouse complex.

In the words of BORAT......VERY NICE! and HIGH-FIVE! to the commishes.


  1. And do I hear 2 million. just spend it all Mr. Commissioners. No need for fiscal responsibility, just get more form the taxpayers.

  2. This fits with all the other stupid things they have done. paying Marc Young for vacation while he was being paid to stay home.Moving driver license to a location with no parking. building a multi million dollar temporary jail three miles out of town.Bidding our property taxes against property taxes would only make sense to these clowns.They are just trying to lock the county into not having drivers license back in the Nampa and Caldwell downtown locations. They don't want want the public to have a choice in this they want to decide for them. THE COUNTY DECIDER'S NEED TO GO AWAY IN THIS UPCOMING ELECTION.IT IS TIME THE PUBLIC DECIDER'S DO SOME DECIDING OF THEIR OWN.

  3. Caldwell Guardian,

    Which of the decider's had the idea to move the Drivers license bureau to it's current location on the Boulevard? Commish, Sheriff, who?

  4. I'll answer it for you since you don't seem to want to answer the question.

    George Nourse did. You have the information yet you continue to spread the Nourse lie it was all Smith's doing. I DARE you to print the truth, recant the message you participated in spreading, and admit you were wrong. You have the document in George's own words. Why don't you post it as a story?

  5. No, no commenter breath. The driver’s license was in Nampa at the Courthouse annex and in Caldwell at the main courthouse when Mr. Nourse left office. Chris Smith consolidated them on Nampa/Caldwell Boulevard. This just took place just in the last year or so. Why don’t you get your facts straight? I guess you just can’t keep a time line in your head I hope your not a cop! Oh yea spreaders of misinformation, are infidel liars, you want to play both sides of the street and seek others to blame for your lack of ability. It was tried once by a fallen dictator in Europe.


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