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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mayor Nancolas Resolves More Time At Disneyland

All of the leaders of Canyon County were polled for their resolutions for 2014. 

We plucked this gem from the pages of the local paper for Mayor Nancolas' resolutions for this next year.  THE GUARDIAN will leave the following for readers to enjoy:

"Spend every precious moment I possibly can with those whom I cherish and treasure the most.
P.S. Go to Disneyland more often! — Garret Nancolas, Caldwell mayor"

*Cartoon courtesy of a local artist.
The shirt button says "Ask Eljay"


  1. It has seemed to almost be a requirement to have financial problems and/or absolutely no common sense to hold political office in Canyon County for several years. I hope the recent changes with the Nampa city council and mayor are a step in the right direction. Now if we can get Kathy Alder and Steve Rule replaced we may have a chance at the county level.Caldwell citizens you need to step up and make some changes if your city is to become anything but the ghost town it is downtown now.

    1. It took about four years of gut punching ole Tom Dale to weaken him to where he is now. If you folks over in Caldwell want a new mayor over there, you better start the process now.

  2. Ok,ok when asked what his greatest accomplishment was during the election campain. Mayor Nancolas said it was his youth advisory group.Does this mean that the kids can look forward to a trip to Disney Land at tax payers expence? Ask eljay

  3. I was at the candidate forum when Mayor Nancolas was asked how much time he spent weekly with his beloved Youth Advisory Council. He started spinning like a top and never did give an intelligent or any answer close to the question of how much time he spends on the MYAC. I find his affinity for spending time with children v. city business a cause for concern. And, Vickie Holbrook let him get away with not answering the question.

    Also, I just paid my property taxes and despite what is said.. they are up and both the county and city of Caldwell are spending more money right along with the school districts. They held the line during the recession but don't seem to have the same skills now that values have gone up.

  4. Unfortunately the IPT management has a long history of shall we say adjusting the news that they report to suit some points of view. You could print a real news paper with the info they choose not to report . It should be interesting to see haw Ms. Holbrook approaches her new job.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me Mayor Nancolas is almost childlike in his views and utterances in public. He is the leader of a $50MM corporation and is ill equipped educationally and mentally for this job, yet he is now in his 5th term of office. Everybody loves this incompetent clown of a mayor we have. I wonder if the duets with Tom Dale will continue.

  6. Is this charade with prior Nampa mayor Tom Dale due to ineptitude, ignorance, incompetence, or planned complicity and conspiracy?


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